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ididit! For Android & iPhone Gives You The Motivation You Need To Achieve Your Goals

There is no better way of keeping yourself motivated to achieve your goals, and sharing them with the world. In this way, not only can you prevent yourself from going astray in pursuit of your dreams, but also serve as an invaluable source of inspiration for others. Based on said concept, ididit! is an online service that provides you with a unified platform for sharing your ambitions with the world. You can update your progress or distance from your goals, share success stories, and in return, extract motivation from the experiences of others. The service lets you announce your goals to the entire community, specify the deadlines by which you wish to intend to complete the goals, get timely notifications for each individual goal via a reminder, and share your entire progress on Facebook, Twitter or through email. The service released its official iOS client in the iTunes App Store last month, and now the Android variant has been released to the Google Play Store. Details to follow.


Whether you wish to become an entrepreneur in the coming years, want to serve humanity by offering basic necessities of life to the poor people of your village, or aim to eradicate a deadly disease from your region by setting up your own medical center, you can begin your mission by joining the ididit! club. Signing up for a new account is absolutely free, and once registered, you can access the network from your mobile device or any web browser.


Being relatively newer to the scene, the activities on the ididit! network are currently a tad on the lighter side. That said, the service has already managed to attract an impressive 866 members (as of this writing) who are sharing their goals and progress with the entire world. Apart from connecting you to the ididit! Blog, the mobile app lets you specify and keep track of your own goals. For this, tap Menu > Goal to head over to the new goal screen.

Next, define your goal, set the goal date, specify the notification settings (along with repeat interval), and select whether you’re looking to share the progress of an ongoing activity/goal or want to inform others of a goal that you’ve achieved. In either case, the app prompts you to select the social network on which you want to share the news. In addition, it also lets you supplement the news with an image of choice.


In a nutshell, ididit! not only helps you with tracking the progress of your own personal goals, but also serves as a handy information source that keeps you apprised of various achievements made by worldwide app users. The official mobile app of ididit! is free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Download ididit! for Android

Download ididit! for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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