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iHome Sleep: Customizable Alarm App That Displays Social Media News When You Wake Up [Android]

There is no denying the fact that we all love sticking to our beds in the morning for as long as possible. Most of us rely on our mobile devices’ alarm apps to remedy that. While I have no specific complaints about the stock alarm app on my Android device, there are lots of users out there who crave for a more feature-rich alternative, but what better can an alarm app achieve than to wake you up from sleep? iHome Sleep might be able to answer that. The favorite alarm app of many iOS users has just made its way into the Google Play Store to re-define the way you use an alarm app on Android. Apart from being a handy alternative to your stock Clock app, iHome Sleep brings a plethora of useful features, including option to add multiple alarms with personalized tones and other settings, the Gentle Wake feature that plays a mild tune at whatever time you plan to wake up, customizable background sporting a beautiful clock and weather widgets, ability to log sleep timings and other relevant statistics, option to display important notes on wakeup and bedtime alarm screens, a homescreen widget to keep you apprised of the next alarm, and last but not the least, the luxury to natively sift through the latest overnight news from your Facebook and Twitter accounts immediately after switching off the alarm.

iHome-Sleep-Android-Home iHome-Sleep-Android-Alarm

The app’s homescreen displays the aforementioned clock and weather widgets. To check the local weather forecast for the remaining week, just swipe left across the weather widget. The clock widget displays the current time, the next alarm in line, and the alarm toggle that can be dragged right/left to trigger Bedtime and Wakeup alarms. Everything on this screen, ranging from the wallpaper and weather units to the volume of the bedtime and wakeup alarms, is fully customizable. All you need to do is tap the settings button in the top-right corner of the screen.

iHome-Sleep-Android-Alarm-Edit1 iHome-Sleep-Android-Alarm-Edit2

Other options available in the app’s settings screen include setting the app to display Overnight News from your social networks upon switching the alarm off (requires authorizing the app to use your Facebook/Twitter accounts), setting custom Reminders, enabling the aforementioned Gentle Wake option, setting the Bedtime Dimmer (screen brightness) level, and wiping the stats that the app generates based on your sleep timings.

iHome-Sleep-Android-Social iHome-Sleep-Android-Social-News

To set a new alarm, switch to the alarm alarm clock tab and hit Menu > Add Alarm. For each alarm, you may set a different type (Alarm or Nap), time, repeat interval, snooze duration, vibration option, sleep timer, different wake-up/sleep volumes, and wakeup/bedtime notes.

iHome-Sleep-Android-Stats iHome-Sleep-Android-Settings

As mentioned earlier, iHome Sleep also helps you monitor your sleeping habits by logging various types of details, including hours of sleep and wakeup times, which are recorded over a period of time. In addition, it also keeps a tab on your favorite sleep and wakeup tone’s artist/album.

iHome-Sleep-Android-Wallpapers iHome-Sleep-Android-Widget

Download iHome Sleep For Android

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