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IM+ Instant Messaging Aggregator For WP7 Now Available For Free

If you use a lot of platforms to stay connected with your contacts (like Facebook, Skype, etc.), without too much affiliation with any one of them, then you might already have heard about IM+. IM+ is an app that lets you add all your contacts to a single list, no matter what website or messenger they are using. In simple terms you can chat with a friend who is currently online on Windows Live messenger and another using Yahoo from the same client. When a few days back IM+ was launched for Windows Phone 7, the enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by the price tag of $9.99. Later it was dropped to $4.99, and going through with that trend, IM+ is now available for free!

Yes, the ad-supported version of the amazing IM+ has just been launched and it is completely free. If you are wondering why are we so happy about it, here are some of the features IM+ offers.

Integration ChoiceIM  Contacts List

9 Integrated Chat Services:

IM+ offers you to link your accounts made on a diverse set of services. Some are social networking sites, while some are specifically messengers built for chatting. Once you run the app, the first thing you will be asked is to choose the accounts you want to integrate with IM+. Some of the services might ask for special permissions (like Facebook) while some might be good to go as soon as you enter your ID and password. After setup is complete, you will get a list ordered on the basis of how you choose to group the contacts or from where they were imported.

IM  SettingsIM  Chat Screen

Settings & Options:

IM+ lets you stay in touch with your friends and loved ones every minute of the day. Even when you navigate away from the app, you can choose to run it in the background and through IM+’s live tile, you will get instant push notifications whenever someone sends you an IM or one of your contacts comes online. Other than that you also have the choice to tell IM+ if you want to load all your contacts or just the ones who are online.

Chat Interface:

IM+ offers an easy-to-use interface (emoticons enabled) with which you will feel like you are texting someone, and not using an Instant Messaging app at all.

Overall, due to the nature of IM+, it does take a good Wi-Fi connection to work optimally, but the app really helps you manage your contacts with ease and allows you to stay in touch with your friends on the go.

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