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Image Downloader: Save All Images On A Webpage In One Go [WP7]

Image Downloader is a new app for Windows Phone 7 that lets you download all images on a webpage of your choice. All you have to do is provide the link of the desired page; Image Downloader will pull all images present on it and save them to your Mango phone’s Pictures hub. So, basically, it lets you can download whole galleries of images on a particular search term. The app integrates with the hub and adds a new tab for itself in the Apps section of Pictures. More after the break.

Image Downloader WP7 Image Downloader WP7 Options

The thing we sure wish was there in Image Downloader is in-app search. You can’t search for an image gallery from the address bar in the app, rather it requires you to give a URL of the page from where you want the images to be pulled. Though, there is a decent work-around for that as you can open a searchable page (say, Google Images) and start browsing through its collection in the app’s Browse tab. Using the app is simple and requires nothing but putting in the URL of your choice and tapping the red clip icon at the bottom, which will commence the download of the gallery to your phone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize its options to make the search and download process as optimum as possible.

Image Downloader WP7 Downloads Image Downloader WP7 Settings

The Settings area of Image Downloader lets users customize there downloading options to pick the format of images they want downloaded, the size limit which an image must meet to qualify as a downloadable image and then there is the option to choose whether the app should extract images from said page only or from the links embedded in that page too.

The app has both a paid and a free version. The paid variant (running at $0.99) lets you carry out multiple downloads in the background while you look for some other images. You can also queue up to 7 downloads which can be viewed and managed in the Downloads section of the app. Advanced and Expert settings, and the option to change user agent too are only accessible in the paid version. The free version should prove to be sufficient for most users as it gets the task done without too much fuss. You can give either version a try at the Web Marketplace links given below.

Download Image Downloader

Download Image Downloader Pro

[via WMPowerUser]

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