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iMessage Is A Native 3G / WiFi Messaging Service For All iOS 5 Devices

iMessage can be called the flagship feature of iOS 5 in many ways. Simply put you can think of this feature as a hybrid of an Instant Messenger and a texting app running over a data connection. It can prove to be extremely helpful if many of your contacts use iDevices. The biggest perk; iMessage works on iPad and iPod touch too! So how can you use this marvelous on your iOS device? Read on to find out.

iMessage iMessage Setup

Setting up iMessage on your iOS 5 device might get a bit tricky for some users. Here’s what you have to do. First of all know that iMessage is integrated with the stock messaging app. How can you decide whether to send an iMessage or a text? You don’t actually. iOS does that for you. If iMessage senses that your correspondent at the other end is using iOS 5 and has iMessage set up. If that’s the case iMessage is automatically given preference.

You don’t have to worry about that though. You can customize all the options related to iMessage. To get started you need an Apple ID only (if you are on iPod Touch or iPad) and your phone number while setting up the service on iPhone. Once you are done look for the messaging bubble color, it will be blue if an iMessage is being sent. You can set up any other e-mail in addition to your Apple ID for your iMessage service. A validation email will be sent to you for the activation of the service.


So now you have iMessage set up on your device, what to do now? Go to the Settings menu and look around, get familiar with the settings and you will come to know that it isn’t difficult to understand the customizations of the utility. You can set the layout of your messages, preferences between iMessage and SMS, notifications about real-type alert when a user is typing, etc. and also you can decide whether you want to receive toast notifications for each iMessage you receive. You can share videos and images with the service too.

If you have used BlackBerry Messenger then you won’t have any trouble understanding iMessage, but remember, for being able to use the service you need to have a Wi-Fi or 3G and the receiver of your messages must also have iOS 5 with the app activated on it.

This guide is part of the 10 new features in iOS 5 – the latest operating system from Apple for their iDevices.

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