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Imperium: App List, Settings Toggles & App Switcher In One Cydia Tweak

The App Switcher tray in iOS is a pretty useful feature, and surely it falls into the category of most-used options in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is why there are many Cydia tweaks which are focused on making the tray even better than it currently is, by adding awesome new functionalities to it. A few examples of such tweaks include LockScreen Multitasking, SwitcherLoader and Now Playing Detail Info. There are not many Cydia tweaks, however, which offer a complete alternative to the stock iOS App Switcher tray, and the new tweak Imperium does just that. The wonderful tweak has potential to make you forget if the stock switcher ever existed, it’s that good. Not only is Imperium useful for switching between apps and killing them, it also lets you toggle some of the most used system settings (much like SBSettings) and incorporates an app list of its own, complete with its own dock for pinning app shortcuts.

Imperium Settings Imperium Display Settings

Imperium is available in the BigBoss repo, and in our opinion, extremely underpriced at $0.99 (we’re not complaining, though). The tweak’s menu will come up via a chosen Activator gesture, and you can select one by going to the menu Imperium adds to the stock Settings app. In the same Settings menu, you can choose the apps that you want to pin to the tweak’s dock (4 slots are available). Moving further down Imperium’s settings menu, you will find that most options are related to the cosmetic aspects of the tweak, and it is possible to control its background, blur radius and animation speed. There is also a toggle available which will let you exit Imperium if you double tap its screen.

Imperium Task Switcher Imperium Settings Toggles Imperium App List

After you have done all that, perform the assigned gesture, and you will be taken to the beautiful interface of Imperium. It consists of three screens; Background Apps, System Settings and All Apps. The first screen lists all the running tasks, and the kill button is active on all of them at all times. A single tap will take you straight to that app. The System Settings area lists a lot of useful toggles like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Location and Flashlight. There are a few other shortcuts as well, like Quick Photo, Quick Mail, Quick Search and Tweet. If a song is playing on your iPhone or iPod touch, just hit the Song Lyrics button, and you will get the track’s lyrics. Imperium lists a Power Alert menu, which is pretty similar to the power options in SBSettings. The All Apps menu is the area of Imperium which shows the dock shortcuts you added in the tweak’s settings, as well as a complete list of all the apps installed on your iDevice.

Imperium, as mentioned earlier, will set you back $0.99, and is not compatible with the iPad yet. An awesome tweak, and highly recommended by us.

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