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Improve Cydia Speed With Saurik’s New APT Update

Cydia’s long loading times have always been the painful associated with the otherwise wonderful package installer for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Previously it used to take a whole lot of time to refresh the repositories in real time. Now, it seems Jay Freeman (Saurik) has heeded to people’s wails and cries, and released essential APT upgrades to the Cydia package installer itself, which should considerably reduce Cydia load times and improve overall speed.

Indeed, from our own tests, it was evident that upgrading to the latest APT has had significant impact.

Cydia New (1) Cydia New (2)

The new version of this APT contains an optimized cache generator and ‘more error tolerant repository parsing’, as per Saurik.

Next launch of Cydia will prompt you with an essential upgrade message. Follow it through and enjoy the improved speeds.

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