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Increase Internet Speed On Samsung Focus (AT&T) [Guide]

Samsung Focus is one of those newer smartphones which run Windows Phone 7 and are less than a year old. Ever since WP7’s update Nodo was released a few months back, there have been bug reports coming out quite consistently. One of these bugs relates to Samsung Focus (AT&T). For numerous Focus users the upload speeds over the internet have gone down drastically ever since they updated to Nodo. This can be extremely annoying if you are uploading some important file using your phone or maybe even just streaming. The internet works just fine on other devices, but as soon as you start using it on your Focus, speeds can get diminished by as much as 50%. Fortunately, though, this nuisance can now be cured quite easily! You don’t need any hacking knowledge or the ability to follow complicated steps, just read the instructions past the break and your phone’s internet speeds will surely soar.

Samsung Focus (AT&T)

To get improved upload speed if you are a Focus user on AT&T, you just have to follow these instructions.


  1. Go to your phone’s dialer and like any ordinary phone number enter ##634#. This will open the diagnostics menu.
  2. Staying in the diagnostics menu, input *#32489#. This is to start Test mode. This hidden menu is there to hep manufacturers and service providers test things out, but basically it works on nothing more than a set of numeric codes. Having a proper knowledge of these codes can allow you to perform wonders with your device.
  3. In the test menu, press Back button. This will give you a new list.
  4. In the newly emerged list, navigate to RRC (HSPA) control or simply press 5.
  5. You have to modify this RRC value. To do that press 2 to get a list of possible changes.
  6. From that list choose “Release 6 HSDPA/HSUPA” by pressing 3.
  7. Select “End” to finish setup.
  8. Reboot your device, for good measure, but this is by no means a necessary step of the procedure.

These steps should be enough to give you a visible improvement in your device’s upload speed. The fix has worked for most of the users but a few have reported it to be ineffective. Since the original problem encountered by most users was with upload speed, the download will remain the same, and if you experience issues with that, you should probably contact your service provider. To test if things worked out fine, stream any video, and if it works better than before, your problem is solved.

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