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Increase Your Android Battery Life With Juice Defender

Tired of carrying your battery charger where ever you go? Running a lot of applications at all times on your Android Device? Worried about battery life at the same time! The wait is over, Juice Defender Battery will amaze you in this regard. It transparently manages all your battery components and saves its life.

As soon as you install Juice Defender, setup automatically detects your phone specifications and configurations. Make sure data connection is enabled and Wi-Fi is disabled when installing. Once installed, tap the disabled button and it will turn green stating enabled.


We get a big screen with a lot of activity going on. Don’t get confused at all since the UI is not that astonishing for this particular application but again the way it is going to save battery life is remarkable. As soon as you enable it,number of different buttons will go up, and new text appearing in front of the top labels. These labels are you basic settings like screen time out, data ability, phone traffic etc..


Data and Wi-Fi can be scheduled and can also be enabled when the screen goes on. Screen timeout settings can be adjusted. Scheduling can be set from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on usage. One of the key features of Juice Defender is the night mode. Certain timings can be set and the phone will go silent or jump to flight mode. If Android device is in charging mode, APN/Wi-Fi can be kept enabled. Traffic can be adjusted in terms data capacity (kb/MB) as well as time (sec/minutes).


Peak timings can be set if constantly working, or requiring access to email or chat. Juice Defender will enforce connectivity if any of the configured applications are set to visible in the foreground or notification area. Wi-Fi radio will be kept disabled while you are not in a Wi-Fi proximity using the locations tab.

A great application to save a lot of battery indeed!. This is a beta version so some of the controls are not completely accessible but have default values in them. JuiceDefender is available in the Android Market as both free and $6.47 variant. Features exclusive to the paid variant comprise Wi-Fi control (with location-aware support), 2G/3G/4G switching control, AutoSync Control, Night Schedule, Peak Schedule, screen timeout & lock control, screen brightness control, CPU frequency control, GPS control, Bluetooth control, full-fledged customization and lots more.

Download JuiceDefender For Android (Free)

Download JuiceDefender Ultimate For Android (Paid)

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