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IncrediBooth For iOS: Shoot & Share Picture Strips With Photo Effects

iPhone’s camera is used for a variety of purposes, and not-the-least-popular of those is self-portraits. Ever so often, you see your friends’ Facebook display pictures to be ones snapped by themselves from their phone camera. IncrediBooth is an iOS app that makes use of the front-facing camera in iPhone’s later models and iPad 2, allowing you to shoot photos of yourself and upload them to a number of destinations right from within the app. The really cool touch? The app also offers some photo effects that can be applied even before you start shooting. The biggest positive about the app is not its filters, but the way those filters are presented. Everything about the app is designed to make it usable at very short notice.

IncrediBoothIncrediBooth Strip

The app is rather basic, and thus, has a pretty limited number of filters available. When you fire it up, all you have to do is to adjust the front camera of your device according to your face. and tap the big red button at the bottom of the photo frame. Doing this will automatically take 4 photos with a one second interval between each shot, giving just about enough time for the user to give whatever pose they want. The eye level indicator at the border of the camera is helpful in taking an accurately aligned picture.

The filters offered by IncrediBooth can be selected by rotating the dial around the red button. The app offers filters in the form of distinct packs, and you can choose packets based on what sort of photos you are planning to snap. Here is a list of all the effect packets available in the app.

  • Holidaze Booth (includes 3 vibrant effects)
  • Haus O’ Haunt Booth (perfect for Halloween or any other time you want to make your friends look like monsters)
  • Crown Colour Booth (sparkly and bright effects)
  • Isoblak Booth (This pack brings monochrome photography to the mix, and lets you add splash effects to your pictures)

You can take photos in black n white, or any of the other three filters present. Once a strip has been captured, it is possible to share it over your social network (Facebook, Twitter), or there is the option to email it to your contacts. You don’t have to share the whole 4 photos in the strip if you don’t want t; it is also possible to share individual photos from any of the strips.

IncrediBooth is available in the App Store for free (limited time offer)and its simplicity certainly has the potential to win over quite a few fans.

Download IncrediBooth for iOS

[via FSM]

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