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inDecision: Analyze Pros & Cons Of A Decision Before Making It [iOS]

inDecision is a simple iPhone app designed to help users make any decision. Each day all of us are faced with many choices, and it is not always easy to reach a logical conclusion, even with all the important deciding factors on hand. What better place to get advice than the cold, calculated logic of your iOS device. Of course, the app won’t magically make a decision for you, but it analyzes all the data you provide to it regarding a problem, and based on that information, reaches a logical solution. Even in the end, inDecision does not pass a full judgement and just provides its users with a percentage of pros and cons regarding the matter, along with a thorough analysis of all the involved factors.

inDecision inDecision History

The app is very easy to figure out. There are just two sections in the app, namely Past Decision and New Decision. While the former is just a summary of your previous usage of inDecision, the real work takes place in the New Decisions menu. First of all, you have to enter the query as the heading of the decision page. Below that, there are two neatly laid out columns, Pros and Cons. Just think of all the positives and negatives for the problem, and add them to the respective list by tapping the ‘+’ button below it.

inDecision Pro Con Meter inDecision Results

For each pro or con you add, you have to decide its level of importance yourself. The importance slider ranges from hardly matters to very important. Once all the pros and cons have been added against a specific problem, inDecision is ready to make the final judgment. Hit the Result button at the bottom of the Decision page, and the app displays percentage weightage of the pros against the cons. If you tap any bar, it will flip to reveal all the factors that contributed to the conclusion, sorted on the basis of their ratio of influence. inDecision also allows users to share the decision over email.

inDecision does not think on its own, it just provides its users with a good way of lining up their thoughts and finding out what they really think about a given matter. In addition to that, there is something about the simplicity of the app’s interface that is sure to make a lot of people use inDecision again and again. You can download the app for free at the App Store link given below.

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