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Informator: Use Action Menu To Paste Device Info While Entering Text [Cydia]

If you want to share your iPhone’s IP address or other device information with someone, you have to navigate to the depths of the stock Settings app, memorize the info (as it can’t be copied) and then write it down in the Notes app or somewhere similar; a fairly unintuitive way of doing things. Not many people are huge fans of the way text editing is done in iOS, but you have to admit that the text action menu it offers is quite a feature. This menu can be enhanced even further if you have access to the Cydia store. There are many tweaks available in the jailbreak store that focus entirely on letting users add more text editing options to the action menu for greater convenience. New to the Cydia store, Informator is a simple, free tweak that adds a new button to the action menu, using which you can add any device information (IP address, device ID, UDID, device name, etc.) to text in a couple of taps. The tweak works in all areas of iOS where the text action menu can be invoked.

Informator For ActionMenu Informator Menu

The action menu’s Informator button becomes available in all areas of iOS that accept text input. This means that even if you don’t have to write the information down, you can merely use the Informator tweak for viewing the data. As soon as the action menu button, marked Informator, is tapped after the tweak’s installation, a menu comes up containing a long list of specs that can be viewed with a single touch. The information accessible through this tweak ranges from hardware data to network specs, and you won’t have to blindly go through the Settings app just to view a simple piece of information related to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Informator is available as a free tweak in the BigBoss repo. Once you have installed it to your iDevice, it takes effect immediately without disturbing the Springboard or Settings app. If you have to share your device’s information frequently, do give Informator a try. The tweak can come in really handy whenever a new version of iOS comes out, as there are so many things that must be taken into consideration before updating your iPhone (specially if you have a jailbroken device). Informator can become even more useful if new options are added to it rather than just device data, although the tweak is not too bad even in its present state.

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