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INQ Social Sync & Widgets Suite – A New Way To Use Facebook On Android

If you are a hardcore Facebook user and like to have your Facebook friends, activities, events and notifications easily and quickly accessible to you through separate homescreen widgets, then INQ Social Sync and its whole suite of widgets could be your perfect choice. INQ Social Sync syncs your Facebook account on your Android and lets you explore your world of Facebook through its unique suite of widgets (each designed with a specific purpose). With INQ Social Sync, you can place separate homescreen widgets for your Facebook news feed, contacts, places, notifications and events that enable you to quickly access your favorite content with a mere tap of a finger.

The popularity of the pioneering social networking service, Facebook, has been on the rise despite so many other alternate services emerging onto the global scene. To make Facebook experience on your Android even more memorable, INQ Social Sync presents you all your Facebook content in a brand new way. INQ Social Sync provides quick access to your favorite Facebook features through a collection of homescreen widgets. Once you install INQ Social Sync client on your Android, it silently keeps your device synced with your Facebook account. Same is the case with its various widgets that are updated automatically so that you remain aware of all the latest happenings of your Facebook world.

As mentioned earlier, INQ Social Sync sports a handful of extremely handy homescreen widgets that need to be installed separately. The Social Widget Suite By INQ offers you separate widgets for your Facebook:

  • News
  • Feeds
  • Events
  • Notifications
  • Places

In addition, you may install another widget, People By INQ to get a widget for your Facebook friends.

To add widgets to your homescreen, long press on vacant area on your homescreen, tap Widgets from the Choose Widget menu and select your preferred INQ Widget. The INQ News Feed widget requires more space to be displayed properly so it is recommended to place this widget on an empty screen.

Lets explore these widgets one by one and check out their cool features. First, let’s go through the various widgets that come with the Social Widget Suite by INQ (4 in all).

INQ News Feeds Widget:

The INQ News Feed Widget brings you all the latest photos, videos, status updates from your friends right on your homescreen. You can browse various feeds by simple tapping on the left/right button on (top-right side of) the widget. You can tap on the refresh icon on the widget to retrieve latest feeds. Tapping on a particular news feed leads you to the actual news feed on the Facebook client so that you can like it or comment on it. It’s all presented in an elegant style on a widget and it’s extremely easy to use.

INQ Notification Widget:

The INQ Notifications Widget syncs and displays all your recent Facebook notifications so that you know what’s been happening in your Facebook world of late.

INQ Places Widget:

Use the INQ Places Widget to stay informed of your Facebook friends’ recent check-ins at various places.

INQ Events Widget:

Find out all your upcoming Facebook events and friends’ birthdays with INQ Events Widget. With such a useful widget at your disposal, never miss out on any friend’s birthday or you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

People by INQ Widget:

The INQ People Widget is intelligently built as it displays your top five Facebook friends (along with their Walls) with whom you interact the most. Just tap on the INQ people widget, swipe left/right on the screen to switch between friends and check out their Facebook Wall by navigating up/down on the screen. You can easily manage all your Facebook friends from this screen and choose your Top Friends manually that you wish to be displayed. Just tap on the Menu button on your device to manage your contacts. People by INQ Widget is available separately in the Market (download link provided below).

The entire suite of INQ Social Sync Widgets was tried on our Samsung Galaxy S and we must admit that it was a truly refreshing experience. Enough said, it’s time to download and try all the aforementioned useful INQ Social Sync Widgets and experience Facebook on your Android like never before. The app and all its widgets are available in the Android Market absolutely free of cost and require Android OS 2.2 or higher to run. Download links to the app and all the widgets are provided below.

Note: You must have the official Facebook client installed on your Android device to avail all the features of INQ Social Sync and its widgets.

Download INQ Social Sync for Android

Download Social Widget Suite by INQ for Android

Update: INQ Social Sync and its entire suite of home screen widgets are no longer available in the Google Play Store.

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