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Inspire For iPhone: Paint Realistically With Customizable Brushes

Finger painting on an iPhone is usually considered a time-killer, but there are a few iOS apps which let you create beautiful masterpieces just as if you were painting on a real canvas, with real brushes. Inspire is one such app, and the features it offers are so detailed that a practiced hand can draw or sketch just about anything using Inspire. Not only are there highly customizable brushes available in the app, you can blend the colors you want to apply to perfection. Inspire has a lot of effects on offer, so read on to know all about them.

Inspire Homepage Inspire Gallery

Inspire has been around for quite a while in the App Store, and you can download it for $4.99, but recently a lite version of the app was released, and now you can enjoy painting on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for free. The lite version is ad-supported, and otherwise has got almost all the features you will find in the full one. In the Gallery of Inspire there are 10 sample images, which have been created using the app. To start learning you can make changes to those paintings, or create a new canvas to start a fresh sketch. To start a new one you have to tap the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the Gallery screen.

Inspire iPhone Inspire Tools

The painting screen in Inspire is not too cluttered with options, and that endows the app with a sense of simplicity which is always welcome in such apps. To choose a color, there is the color window and from there you can blend two colors together, or you can select just one solid one. You can zoom in to the canvas via pinching, and the painting can be rotated as well. If you get something wrong, there is the undo button, which can let you go back for 10 steps. Inspire comes with three kind of brushes, categorized on the basis of their tip’s shape. To view more painting options, tap the grid button in the middle of the bottom bar. Those options include a color picker, paint fill and save.

Inspire Colors Inspire Brush Settings Inspire Settings

One of the best features of Inspire is brush customization. To achieve that, there is the brush icon in the bottom left of the painting screen, and inside that menu, you can choose the load amount and spacing percentage. There are also options for paint effects like Realistic Paint, which make sure that a stroke gets fainter the longer you drag it. If you tap repeatedly on the screen, you will get a stippling effect in your painting, giving the sketch a professional outlook.

Inspire is a must-have if you would like to be able to paint in great detail, and without too much cluttering options. You can grab the lite and paid versions from the respective links provided below.

Download Inspire

Download Inspire (Lite)

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