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InstaCamera: Quickly Capture Multiple Photos Of Fleeting Moments [Android]

While everyone was delighted by Galaxy Nexus’ zero-shutter lag, most of us don’t own it and the technology hasn’t see its way to other devices yet. However, when hardware doesn’t allow it we look to the software side, and thankfully enough there are numerous camera applications available in the at Google Play Store, each with its own set of features and settings. The camera application I have for you today might not fill the void that has created by zero-shutter lag technology, but you may find it useful at various instances. Simply labelled as InstaCamera for Android, the app aims to help you capture photos almost instantly. How? Well, the app automatically captures a single or multiple shots the moment it is launched. Along with auto start, you may also take pictures manually,  should you so desire. There aren’t many options, with the UI being simple and minimal, with a few different settings. Does it work the way as its name implies? That’s what I am going to find out.

InstaCamera-Settings Resolution-Change

When you  fire up the camera app, it automatically takes the picture and closes itself, which may also help in taking those sneaky shots. I tried taking a handful of different shots and to be honest, quality was quite decent. Auto focus worked pretty well too with a few quirks here and there. Shutter lag was minimal, but not so Instant, but then again its more have to do with the hardware rather than the software. That’s it about all it has to offer in the cam department (sorry, not video recording). Head into settings and you can change a few application specific settings, such as picture size according to your desired resolution. Multiple shots may also be set so one can take up to 5 pictures in a row. Shutter sound is also adjustable, and can be set to zero if you wish to take photos discretely. Other adjustable settings include LED Flash [On/Off] and Stay in camera mode (which i assume, doesn’t quite the app after taking the picture). And that’s all you have in the settings menu.

Overall, InstaCamera is a handy application for people who regularly find the need to capture fleeting moments, or was to use 5 continuous shots option to create some time-lapse sequences.

The app is available for free at Google Play Store. You can download it on your Android device from the link as well as QR code provided below.

chartDownload InstaCamera


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