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Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2 with GingerHD2

The awesome Android community of XDA Developers forum have done it again. XDA Forum Member IcedCube has released a new ROM called GingerHD2 which brings Android 2.3 Gingerbread to HTC HD2. The ROM is highly alpha at the moment and is intended for developers only, not common users. Many features are not working at the moment, including camera.

Important Note: Please follow the procedure below at your own risk. It is a highly experimental release and AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

The installation process is pretty self-explanatory if you are a developer. The first step is to extract the folder named “Android” in the ZIP file (which can be found at the bottom of this post) to the root of your MicroSD card and pop it (insert it) in your HTC HD2 phone. Now open File Explorer from Windows Mobile and find the “Android” folder. Tap CLRCAD.exe and then Haret.exe and you are done. Simple as that!

GingerHD is in highly experimental stage at the moment and is not meant for daily use. Check the official XDA Developers GingerHD thread for latest releases and troubleshooting problems.


A newer version i.e. 0.5 has been released, and the download link has been updated.

Download Ginger HD v0.05 No longer available; you can still get Gingerbread on your HD2 with the MDJ ROM


  1. really iam very afraid  and i dont have the link to get the android  Room  so can any one help me  send me any info about  this  (jan_hamada_33@yahoo.com)

  2. This shit wont work,stuck on green HTC logo,what a waste of valuable time.What is the point releasing a none working built?

  3. I downloaded the android version copied into the phone started it and then the phone suddenly stopped working no matter what i press it wont turn on. When i put it on the charger it gives only the greeting white htc screen and then stops again and restarts.Tell me what to do please.

  4. New to this rooting stuff. I just rooted my htc hd2 and install android rom on nand. Did not like that rom so want to try another rom. Do I have to do anything to the current rom before flashing a new Rom?

  5. I followed the instructions step by step. Everything works perfect, camera, video, gps, wifi, etc…
    The only issue I am having is that the MMS doesn’t work. It only shows blank messages to the recipients. Is there a fix for this?
    I’ve tried to change the Radio but “CustomRUU” says it can’t connect to my phone. No usb connection or something along those lines. I’ve tried everything. What can I do to fix this?

    • Hi, I just installed the android OS 2.3 (gingerbread). Fascinated to experience this android OS. However, I faced a problem that the phone will stop functioning suddenly (after few hours). Immediately I couldnt switch it on unless to remove the battery first. Anybody would like to share the solution? (Radio Many thanks.

  6. when i download it i download it via DAP, but it downloads to notepad any fix on that? do i have to use vuze to download it?

    • Hello Alex – it downloads fine as a .7z file, I just confirmed myself. By the way, this is a highly experimental build only meant for developers and if you aren’t a highly technical user, you should not attempt to install it. Since you mentioned ‘it downloads to notepad’, it doesn’t look like this build will be suitable for you.

    • Well it is an experimental ROM not intended for everyday users and primarily meant for developers. While it has worked for many, it may or may not work for you and you might get unexpected problems. The latest version 0.5 is out by now and we have updated the post…you can try that one out if you want.

  7. Hi I just installed the links provided above in your post and have a questions for you….
    How long does it take for these files to load onto the phone itself? My phone currently has a black screen with “htc” in green. Does this mean it is loading? The android I was running before this one was Froyo 2.2 and it would load with a penguin and you could see the data loading (scroll) so I knew something was going on. Please let me know asap. If this does not load within 45 mins I will uninstall and reinstall my froyo file. Hope it works tho…
    Thank you 😉

    • I just read your comment; it’s been days now so I guess your 45 minutes are long gone heh.
      As this is a highly experimental build, you never know what could go wrong…could give many unexpected issues. Retrying is a good idea if the device doesn’t respond for long
      Oh and a more stable (but still experimental) version 0.5 has been released by now and we have updated the article with the new link. You might want to try that one out.

  8. hello
    i like to install the android 2.3(gingerbread) on my hd2,but i have 2 difficulty for dose it there for i need you help me really. i don”t have that software.put the link it for me please.
    1:i don’t have information about how installing the gingerbread.
    2:which version of radio i have to install?i don”t have it.put the link it.
    send me your guidance to my id(kiamajd@yahoo.com) please.

    • This is a highly experimental build intended for developers only and is not suitable for non-technical users. If you can’t understand or follow the instructions provided above, this ROM is not for you and you should wait for a more stable Gingerbread ROM for the HD2. Stay tuned and keep visiting our site – we will feature one as soon as we find it.

  9. I am planning on doing this to my hd2 but have a few questions: can it be undone once it is installed? What will happen to the current os on the hd2?

    • Yes, it can be undone. When installing Android on your HD2, your Windows Mobile 6.5 installation remains intact as Android is installed on the SD card only. Though everything else on that SD card might get wiped so use a spare card for the purpose. As with any mods, proceed with caution and keep backups of important data before proceeding, and it’ll be all good. In case you mess up, you can get help at the forum thread for the ROM.

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