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Install AOSP Android 2.1 Eclair On Samsung Fascinate

AOSP Fascinate Eclair AOSP Eclair Fascinate

An Android 2.1 Éclair build compiled from the Éclair AOSP (Android Open Source Project) source code has just been released for the Samsung Fascinate. It is an alpha build but has a lot of features working. If you want to flash this ROM to your device, read on for more details, download link and installation instructions.

This build has been released on XDA-Developers forums by member jt1134 and is in early alpha testing phase. Features working at the moment include incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing SMS, Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE/3G data, audio playback, vibration, GPS and Wi-Fi tethering. The camera is working but gives only a black & white preview for now.

Bluetooth, MMS and Camcorder are not working while voice input may or may not work for voice search, though it works fine for voice dialing. Some user interface elements like the data traffic indicator arrows and signal strength bars aren’t working either.

To install this ROM, download the ROM as well as the kernel of your choice from the links given below and copy both the files to the root of your SD card. Reboot your device into recovery, make a nandroid backup and wipe all data, cache and dalvik cache. Then first flash the ROM from the ROM’s zip file, and then flash the kernel from the kernel’s zip file. Finally, reboot your device. If you don’t know how to perform any of these steps, refer to our comprehensive guide on how to flash a ROM to your Android device from recovery.

Update: The ROM’s download links are all dead. You should instead consider installing the latest CyanogenMod 7 for your Fascinate.

Download AOSP ROM for Samsung Fascinate
Download Kernel (Voodoo)
Download Kernel (Non-Voodoo)

[via XDA-Developers]

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