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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Android HTC HD2

ClockworkMod HTC HD2 AndroidCalling this big news will be an understatement – ClockworkMod Recovery is now available for HTC HD2 running Android from internal NAND memory and it is fully functional! This is a huge milestone achieved in the Android development scene for HTC HD2  and one of the most important ones, after getting the HD2 to run Android from internal NAND memory. Read on for details, download link and installation instructions.

UPDATE: Do NOT follow this guide now as as it uses MAGLDR 1.12 that didn’t have native recovery support and is therefore outdated. The latest version 1.13 of MAGLDR supports ClockworkMod recovery properly while still allowing you to run an Android build from the SD card in addition to the internal memory. For the latest (and proper) method of installing ClockworkMod recovery on your HD2, see how to install Android ClockworkMod recovery on HTC HD2 with MAGLDR.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

Anyone who has used ClockworkMod recovery knows what a blessing it is for any Android device. This version of our favorite custom Android recovery brought to us by XDA-Developers forum member RaiderX303 brings to the HD2 all the features that have made it popular amongst advanced Android users.

This recovery lets you flash ROMs packaged in flashable zip format directly from your phone’s SD card without the need to keep your device connected to your PC and run any RUU, perform and restore backups, repartition your SD card, wipe data and cache, fix app permissions and get full root level ADB access. Shortly, ROMs will start surfacing that will require ClockworkMod recovery to be installed on your HD2 for flashing them.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you proceed with installing this recovery. Firstly, it is not intended for users who run Android on their HD2 from external memory. Secondly, if you have previously installed Android to your phone’s internal memory, switching to a ROM flashed from recovery will wipe all data. Also, once you have recovery installed, flashing a DAF based NAND ROM to your phone will make it stop working until you flash partitioning again, as the partitioning format used by DAF based ROMs is different from what this recovery requires. Lastly, with this recovery installed, it will not be possible for you to use an SD card ROM from MAGDLR.

To install ClockworkMod Recovery to your HTC HD2:

  1. If you haven’t run Android from your HD2’s NAND memory yet, go through our our coverage of installing Android on the internal NAND memory of HTC HD2 to get familiar with the steps you will require to perform and the tools you will be using.
  2. Download MAGDLR bootloader from the link given below and extract the contents of the zip file to your computer.
  3. Also download ClockworkMod Recovery from the link given below and extract the contents of the zip file to your computer.
  4. From the extracted files, copy the contents of the ‘copy_to_sd_root’ folder (not this folder itself but everything that’s in it directly) to the root of your SD card.
  5. Connect your HD2 to your computer via USB, go to the folder where you extracted MAGDLR in Step 2 and run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe file. Follow any on-screen instructions until the installation of MAGDLR is complete.
  6. Disconnect your phone from your PC and power it on by keeping its power button pressed to boot into the just installed MAGDLR bootloader.
  7. Select the option that says ‘USB Flasher’.
  8. Now connect your HD2 to your PC via USB and from the files extracted in Step 3, run DAF.exe. Follow the instructions to setup the required partition layout on your phone. Your device will reboot when this step is completed.
  9. Restart your device by keeping the power button pressed to enter MAGDLR bootloader again.
  10. Now select the ‘Boot AD SD’ option. Your HD2 will now boot into ClockworkMod recovery.

Now you can reboot your device into ClockworkMod recovery whenever you want and make use of the recovery options.. Just make sure that the ROM you are installing using this recovery has been built for this method.

Download MAGDLR Bootloader for HTC HD2

Download ClockworkMod Recovery for HTC HD2

[via XDA-Developers]

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