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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Epic 4G Touch [ODIN Method]

Epic 4G Touch is the first Samsung Galaxy S II variant available via Sprint in the US. As soon as the phone was released, it was able to attract a lot of developer attention. Some industrious hackers and Android developers managed to gain permanent root privileges on Epic 4G Touch couple of days back. There were many who were wondering what to do next after rooting their device and ACS, Android Creativity Syndicate, just came out with a befitting answer. The ACS team , with help from other able developers, has managed to port ClockworkMod Recovery on Epic 4G Touch! The custom recovery is a must if you have root on your device and want to perform functions like flashing custom ROMs, installing kernels, backup and restore your device and clear caches etc..

The ClockworkMod Recovery for Epic 4G Touch is flashed on your phone via a custom pre-rooted .TAR file through ODIN.  This tar file not only gives you ClockworkMod Recovery, but also comes integrated with root access, Super User with a guarantee of not wiping any data or 3G settings whatsoever.

Here is the step by step guide to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Epic 4G Touch via Tar file using CWMODIN:

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. The first step is to download KIES for drivers along with ODIN 1.85 and Flashable recovery .Tar file from the links provided in requirements sections above.
  2. After the downloads are complete, install KIES to get the drivers on your computer.
  3. Now extract the ODIN 1.85 zip file on your desktop and double click on Odin3 V1.85 to launch the application.
  4. After ODIN application window is open, uncheck all other options and only leave Auto Reboot option as checked.
  5. Now check PDA slot followed by clicking on the PDA button.
  6. Now select the Odin flashable recovery .Tar file you downloaded earlier from requirements section above.
  7. After this completely power off your Spring Epic 4G Touch.
  8. After you phone is completely powered off, press and hold volume down + home key + power button. This will boot your phone in ODIN mode.
  9. Now connect your phone to the computer via USB cable that came with the phone.
  10. Now you should see COM number lighten up in the ID:COM filed in ODIN.
  11. After this press start and sit back while the ODIN flashable Recovery .Tar file is flashed on your phone.
  12. Once the custom Tar flashing is complete, your phone will reboot automatically and you will have ClockworkMod Recovery on your phone.
  13. After you phone reboots normally, power it off again and reboot it while holding volume up key along with home and power buttons to boot into recovery.

All credit for the guide and links goes to ACS team at XDA developers. In case you need more information or want hands-on developer support, then head to the official XDA thread posted here.


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