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Install CyanogenMod 7 With Honeycomb Features On Android Tablets

cm7-honeycombWe previously covered a bottom status and notification bar for the Nook Color running the Gingerbread based CyanogenMod 7. The tweak was much needed, especially for a tablet, and well that was one need, there was always room to address more concerns. You can thank XDA-Developers forum member, mad-murdock for fusing together some much needed tablet features inspired by Google’s flagship tablet OS, Android 3.0 Honeycomb with the much famous CyanogenMod 7 for the Viewsonic G-Tablet, Nook Color and Advent Vega. For more on this ROM and how to install it on your devices, read on!


Samuel Halff <samuelhalff@gmail.com>, who not only inspired all this, but also did a rough first version of the bottom status bar. Without his initial work on the idea and on the CM-Crew (telling us, this is absolutely needed), this patch wouldn’t exist.

Drakknar, who did all the graphics involved.

Nook Color community.

Just to clear up and confusions, this is a ROM by itself, not any update or add-on. The ROM is based on CM7’s latest nightly release as on the 3rd of April 2011. Furthermore, there are NO actual Honeycomb elements in the ROM, but features inspired by Honeycomb. The ROM isn’t entirely bug free, based on the fact that the ROM is in fact a Nightly release.

Take a look at the extensive number of modifications made by the developer in this ROM:

  • Toggle status bar top/bottom via CM settings. Changes position on the fly when setting is toggled.
  • Moved carrier and power notifications to bottom for the bottom bar.
  • Created a Tablet tweaks menu in CM settings root to gather all tablet related options in one place.
  • Extended power menu with home/menu/back buttons.
  • Custom volume-long-press events (home/back/menu/call/end call/search/start-stop-music/next track/prev. track/long press home).
  • Added same options for both-volume-buttons press and long-press.
  • Fixed status bar xml, so soft buttons now appear as big as the .jpg file is.
  • Solved issue about soft buttons not clickable. Their size is now determined smartly by the real size of the buttons.
  • Added option to move soft-buttons left or right.
  • Added submenu to choose which soft buttons to display.
  • Added Quick-Notification-Area-Soft-Button – instantly opens/closes notification area since swiping it open is a long way on tablets.
  • Added a Dead-Zone option, so the middle of the status bar is not clickable.
  • New graphics from Drakknar in extended power menu.
  • Added option to toggle extended power items separately.
  • Added option to reverse power button behavior (switch short-press with long-press action).
  • Cleaned up the options and created new submenu.
  • Completely rewrote volume button handling to handle all our new demands.
  • integrated Drakknars great new design and wrote code for it.
  • Lots of tiny fixes / bug fixes.
  • Added option to disable/override fullscreen.
  • Added option to disable lockscreen.
  • Disabled the animated text for ongoing notifications when soft buttons enabled. this “ticker” did hide the soft buttons for a short while.
  • Used same status bar size for nook color than for Vega now. buttons should be bigger and not stretched this way. awaiting complaints about status bar too big.
  • Added HDPI icons for resized status bar via overlay for Vega and Encore, this way status bar items don’t look blurry anymore.
  • Added search button to list of soft-buttons – its off by default.
  • Added long-press to home, back and search soft-button.
  • Extended full screen handling: when a full screen app is running, an additional.
  • Hide-soft button is displayed. once pressed, the app gets real full screen.
  • Added option to choose unhide button for full screen.
  • Improved hide-button handling for special situation, like app-starting-app (i.e. Astro File Manager starting movie player, which does full screen request) and more.

Enough said! Let’s get this baby up and running on your device. The guide will be split for the Nook Color, G-Tablet and the Advent Vega.

Update: The developer has cancelled the Honeycomb-based project in favour of Ice Cream Sandwich-based ROMs for these tablets. The downloads have been taken down by the developer, so these ROMs are no longer available.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


Nook Color

Viewsonic G-Tablet

Advent Vega


Nook Color

To begin, download the ROM and flash it via ClockworkMod recovery. For those unfamiliar with installing custom ROM, see this guide on how to install CM7 on the Nook Color.

Viewsonic G-Tablet

Simply download the ROM and flash it via ClockworkMod recovery. See this guide on how to install CM6.1 on the G-Tablet.

Advent Vega

Simply download the ROM and flash it via ClockworkMod recovery. See this guide on how to install CM7 on Advent Vega.

For updates and queries regarding this ROM, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.


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