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Install Espresso Sense RCTouch MyTouch 4G ROM On HTC Desire

Espresso Sense is the new hot Android GUI from HTC that is making quite a reputation in Android fan circles. This new sense from HTC is to come loaded on MyTouch 4G first, but thanks to ROM leakers, it’s already doing some porting to other devices rounds. You can have this experience on your rooted HTC Desire by flashing modded MyTouch 4G ROM. The ROM is still in a very much Beta, which categorically means that your phone might not act very sane after you install the ROM. Here are some of the bugs that have been reported desire until now:

  1. The Camera is Laggy.
  2. 720p video Playback Is Not Optimal; lags a lot.
  3. The Genius Button Is Not Working as well.

Here are some key features of this ROM according to the ROM chef:

  • Deodexed, thanx Pyr0x64 for that.
  • Undervolted Kernel – Speed @128-1305.6MHz
  • Default speed 128-998.4 MHz.
  • Busybox, Root, Superuser…
  • Cyanogen A2SD script, moves both apps and dalvik to ext
  • Screenstate scaling
    – screen on – ondemand
    – screen off – powersave
  • ext4, tun, cif, etc… all modules are there, insmod if needed.
  • Swype (Keyboard), English and Spanish only
  • New HTC IME (Keyboard), the same options as in Desire Z keyboard.
  • Dragon Dictation (Keyboard)
  • Modded Power Menu
  • Touch pad unlock, first press wake up, second press unlock
  • Custom Semitransparent Notification area
  • Rom Manager
  • Added APN List
  • Host file Updated September-22-2010
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish

Here is the step by step guide on installing RCTouch V01 ROM With Expresson Sense UI on your HTC Desire.

  1. First step is to download RCTouch V01 –MyTouch 4G ROM For Desire and save it on your desktop.
  2. Once you have downloaded and saved the file, connect your phone to the computer and copy ROM file to SD Card root.
  3. Now simply boot in Armon Recovery [RA – Dream – v1.9.0] and navigate down to Partition SD Card option.
  4. Once you are in the Partition SD Card Option Menu, Go down to SD:EXT and create a 512 MB Partition. it is advisable to backup your stuff on memory card before partitioning.
  5. Once you are over with partitioning, go to Flash Zip From SD Card and flash the ROM file. Please note that we do not know for certain if WIPE before flashing the ROM is necessary.
  6. Now wait for the installation process to finish and reboot your phone normally after that.

There you go! Enjoy the all new Espresso HTC sense UI on your HTC Desire.

Disclaimer: AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you brick your device or incur any permanent / non-permanent damage to your device following this guide. Proceed with caution!

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