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Install Gingerbread Custom ROM On Sensation 4G [Dual Core Support]

htc_sensationEarlier we covered the Android Revolution custom ROM for the HTC Sensation 4G, which was the first ROM on the block for the Sensation 4G to bring complete dual core support; in essence the ROM utilizes both the cores of the device for increased performance. While that ROM in itself is a brilliant one, who does not like options? Enter QuikSense with Sense 3.0 and complete dual core support courtesy of XDA-Developers CdTDroiD. The ROM is  Android 2.3.4 based on stock RUU 1.45.401.2 and boasts to be really easy on the battery.


Aesthetically the ROMs stock elements have been kept intact. However, quite a few tweaks have been added to the ROM as well. Here are a few:

  • Speed & RAM Scripts.
  • Zipaligned on boot for speed.
  • Compatible with 2.3.4 Kernels.
  • Wi-Fi Driver improvements & greater range.
  • Hardware Acceleration enabled.
  • Advanced Power Menu.
  • Updated Camera mod with high quality video.
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support.
  • EXT 4.

So if you want to take this ROM up for a spin on your Sensation 4G, here’s how you can do that.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, download the ROM, update and Full WIpe, and copy them to the root of your SD card.
  2. Now reboot into recovery and make a Nandroid backup.
  3. That done, select wipe factory/reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvick cache.
  4. Now navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard and select the Full Wipe copied to your SD card.
  5. Now do the same for the ROM. Selecting the ROM will initiate the installation of the ROM, so wait for the process to complete. Once it is installed, reboot the phone and setup the ROM and the accounts and stuff that follow on a fresh ROM booting up for the first time.
  6. That done, reboot into recovery and flash the update as well, and once flashed, simply reboot your device.

That is it! Your Sensation should now boot into the new dual core supportive ROM. For updates and queries, head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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