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Install Honeycomb Live Wallpaper On Android

Android and Live wallpapers are pretty much synonymous these days. If you got it, flaunt it! Well, Android devices certainly can. With so many live wallpapers out since the craze spread like a virus, too many live wallpapers have surfaced. A lot of which we’re afraid to say were, “meh”. So it’s only natural that when some really cool wallpapers surface, you scream out like little kids and jump at the first chance of sharing it with your friends. We share with you, Honeycomb Live Wallpaper for Android! Read on to see what the wallpaper boasts and how to install it on your phone!

Wallpapers may be the least productive of things to install on your device, but if you love your phones like we do, they demand to look good! And this live wallpaper does just that. What’s more is that this app supports Android Tablets as well and even legacy devices such as the HTC G1, MyTouch, Optimus etc.

We tested the wallpaper on our Samsung Galaxy S. It actually boasts a lot of options. You can change the look, the color of the flares, the length of the flares, the rate at which the flares appear etc.


You have 4 different looks to choose from: Racing flares | Lightning Strikes | Electric Sparks | Searchlight. The wallpaper supports the landscape mode very nicely as well.

look-chooseracing flareselectric sparkssearchlight

Honeycomb Live Wallpaper (Free)


Honeycomb Live Wallpaper


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