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Install Android 4.0 ICS AOSP ROM On HTC myTouch 4G [How To]

myTouch 4G ICSHTC myTouch 4G gets Ice Cream Sandwich! ICS based AOSP ROMs are all the rage right now, and why not, the new OS brings in a relatively fresh and improved experience for the user. XDA-Developers forum member febycv built an AOSP ROM for the myTouch 4G based on the CyanogenMod source, and has surely gotten the myTouch 4G users something to excited over. Credit also goes to marseillesw, sckboy78,  syndtr, onecosmic, Kaik541, ancdix, CyanogenMod team, superkid, m deejay, Lord Clockan, zFr3eak, LorD ClockaN, dh.harald,TwistedUmbrella and shaky153.

For now the ROM is in a beta stage at v2.1, but is said to be stable now, though not entirely. Market can hang for some time and may not download. Exchange and Gtalk can Force Close. Camera is broken for now and a few other graphical glitches may exist as well. Below is the list of known issues according to the developers.

  • Set APN manually, 3G works, but I don’t see any H+ network connectivity.
  • Calls, SMS, MMS work. Update: 3G cut off after 4 minutes. 3G icon flashes for 1 second in the status bar every couple of minutes. Doesn’t really do anything. No data what so ever anymore. Calls do work though, and so does SMS. No MMS anymore.
  • Call quality of the MT4G’s Mic. seemed to be really improved over CM7 and most of the other ROMs.
  • Cameras don’t work.
  • No face recognition unlock option (because there’s no cameras recognized, or the camera app either).
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work for me. It scans, finds my network, but then after I put my connection’s password, it just… does nothing.
  • Not very slow, but its buggy kinda slow… Graphics acceleration is noticeably lacked.
  • Genius Button doesn’t do anything (search button should be nice).
  • No trackball wake.
  • Google Talk keeps force closing, even when not open.
  • When in landscape mode, the trackball’s sensor still moves in the inappropriate direction as if the phone is still in portrait.
  • Bluetooth does not work or turn on.
  • Root apps don’t open up. Force close. Tried Root Explorer and ROM Manager.
  • No live wallpapers.
  • Only charges over USB. No connectivity to storage.

Now that you understand what you’re dealing with, here’s how you can get this ROM up and running on your Android device. Screenshots below, courtesy of the developers.


Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  • A rooted myTouch 4G. See our guide on rooting the myTouch 4G.
  • ClockworkMod recovery installed. Install via ROM Manager from the Market.
  • ICS AOSP ROM. (Links to the the thread due to continuous updates following.)


  • To begin, download the ROM from the link above and copy it to the root of your SD card.
  • Boot your device into recovery mode by holding down the Volume down key as your press the Power button.
  • Make a Nandroid backup.
  • Select wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvick cache.
  • Navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard and select the ROM you copied to your device.
  • Once the both the packages are flashed, simply reboot your device and cross your fingers!

For updates and queries head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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