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Install Multiple Android Apps Directly from PC with Android Injector

Android InjectorAndroid Injector is a Windows application that lets you install multiple apps to your Android phone directly from your Windows PC without the need for copying the APK files to your phone. We decided to try this app out with our phone and were delighted with the results. To see our coverage along with screenshots, continue reading.

While a lot of Android apps are available to install directly from the Android Market, there are thousands of apps not available in the market and found either on alternative app markets like GetJar, or just at different online forums, sites and blogs etc. Here at AddictiveTips, we often need to install such apps and the usual method of downloading the APK on your computer, then mounting your phone’s SD card and copying the APK to it, followed by using a file browser to browse to the location of the app and tap on it to install it, confirming prompts by the Android system, can become a bit of a hassle over time. That’s where Android Injector comes handy.

We found Android Injector while searching for a program that would let us directly install Android apps from our PC to our phone using the APK files. While our previously covered Droid Explorer does allow you to do that, it is overkill to use it for just this purpose, plus it does not offer batch installation of multiple apps in one go.

Android Injector basically does one thing and does it perfectly – it lets you pick any number of APK files on your Windows PC and installs them in batch mode on your Android device connected to the PC via USB, provided that your phone’s USB drivers are installed and it is recognized properly by the PC.

We gave Android Injector a shot by trying to install three APKs on our Samsung Galaxy S i9000 namely Facebook, Google Reader and Street View.

Android Injector Apps SelectedAndroid Injector Installing

The first step is select the files by clicking ‘Select file(s)’. It allows multiple selection at the same time and you can even drag and drop the files on the app to load them. Once the apps have been loaded, simply click ‘Install to device’ and Android Injector gets to work, showing you progress as it installs each app. Any app already present on your phone will fail to install. Once the installation is complete, you can click ‘Click here for details’ to see the results in detail, along with the reasons why any installation(s) failed.

Android Injector Results

In case your device isn’t recognized due to missing USB drivers, clicking ‘Install to device’ will result in a failure and clicking ‘Click here for details’ will show this error. To fix this, you should install the USB drivers for your device. Generic ADB drivers provided with the Android SDK can help in case of most devices. Refer to our guide on what is ADB and how to install it for more details on these drivers, or if you have drivers provided by your device manufacturer, use those. You can check whether your device is recognized or not by clicking ‘Menu’ followed by ‘Check for attached device’.

Android Injector Error

Android Injector is a free app for Windows XP/Vista/7. Testing was done on Windows 7 64 bit, with Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Android phone.

Download Android Injector


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