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Install Official ClockworkMod Recovery From Koush On Droid 3

Finally there is some great news for Motorola Droid 3 owners as ClockworkMod Recovery is officially available through ROM Manager. Koush, the developer of ClockworkMod and ROM Manager, added support for ClockworkMod Recovery today and you can get it through ROM Manager. Hashcode, XDA Member, also released a bootstrap ClockworkMod Recovery as an unofficial solution earlier. According to his, if you plan on getting the new official ClockworkMod Recovery from Koush, then remove the earlier version. Here is what he exactly has to say about this issue:

Today, Koush added support for the Droid 3 to ClockworkMod.
This includes releasing a Droid 3 Bootstrap which I believe he’ll have some download links for or be placing on the market.
BEWARE: If you plan on using the new bootstrap from Koush, PLEASE use the "Remove Recovery" button and uninstall my Bootstrap APK before installing his.
Don’t use 2 Bootstrap APKs together. Universe Explode. Or, maybe it could be unpredictable if you decide to remove mine later.

After you have removed the Hashcode’s bootstrap recovery from your Droid 3, here is the step by step guide to install official ClockworkMod Recovery on your phone: CWM

  1. The first step is make sure that your Motorola Droid 3 has root. You can head to the guide here for step by step rooting instructions.
  2. Once you have your Droid 3 rooted, launch Android Market.
  3. Now search for ROM Manager.
  4. Download and install ROM Manager from the Market on your phone.
  5. Once ROM Manager is installed, tap to launch and allow Super User permissions.
  6. After this, tap on Install ClockworkMod Recovery.
  7. Now select Droid 3 in the resulting menu and wait for the recovery to be installed on your phone.
  8. Once the recovery is installed, tap on reboot into recovery in ROM Manager and you will boot in CWM interface.

And there you go! You now have official ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your phone. We believe that this will be a fully working recovery with ability to flash ROMs, kernels and scripts. You will also be able to make backups, restore backups and also clear cache, wipe dalvik and renew Battery stats. For more information on ClockworkMod Recovery, please head to the official website of ROM Manager.


  1. You have to get this file called droid 3 bootstrap.apk. I don’t know what it is or where to find it, but that’s what you need. If you happen to find it, let me know.

  2. I tried this, and when I rebooted the phone from Rom Manager, it rebooted the phone normally (no recovery mode). Is there any reason why this shouldn’t work with my Droid 3?

    • did you ever get a fix on this? im super new to all of this root business and i want a custom rom but i cant figure out how to boot into recovery mode to install.

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