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Install Overclock / Undervolt Kernel On T-Mobile LG G2X

t-mobile-g2x-oc-uvG2X – which is the T-mobile variant of one of the most powerful Android devices out there i.e. LG Optimus 2X – has started receiving the goods that were meant for the Optimus 2X. Earlier we covered the rooting guide for the G2X followed by the installation of a test version of the ClockworkMod Recovery. Today we have a kernel developed by XDA-Developers forum member Cpasjuste that goes far into overclocking your G2X’s CPU and even allows you to lower the voltages for lower CPU temperatures and a better battery life. Read on to download this kernel and how to flash it to your G2X.

To use the OC/UV features of this kernel, you will need to have Pimp My CPU installed from the Android market. As for the reliability of the kernel, well so far the results have been quite positive especially when you talk about the over all impact on the speed. However, one person has reported a broken WiFi issue on the forum but apart from that, the kernel is pretty stable.

So let’s get on with some flashing!

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, download the kernel from the link above and copy it to the root of your SD card.
  2. Now reboot your device into recovery and flash the file you copied to your SD card. Incase you’re unfamiliar with the concept, refer to our guide on how to flash apps and ROMs on Android via recovery.

For updates and queries, regarding this kernel, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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