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Install Radioactive FroYo v2.0 Custom ROM On Samsung Moment [DJ07 Update]

We know most of you have updated your Samsung Moment to the all new DJ07 update. But incase you like rooting and going for custom ROMs, then noobnl, senior member at SDX forum, has the right ROM for you with DJ07 inculcated. Although the ROM is named as Radioactive FroYo v2.0 by the chef, but this is not Android 2.2 Froyo instead carries the Froyo Dalvik VM JIT. The ROM is optimized for great performance and battery life by removal unnecessary Sprint branded bloatware along with zero extensive theming.

Here are some of the key features of this ROM: 

    • No themessamsung-moment
    • No junk
    • Removed a lot of the stock app (sprint)
    • SDX recovery 3.1.1
    • Live Wallpaper
    • Google JavaScript V8 engine
    • Optimized OpenGL drivers.
    • Optimized Deodex Packages
    • Froyo Dalvik VM JIT
    • Moment DI06 based ROM

    Some of the Apps that are included in this ROM are:

    • Sprint TV
    • Google Apps
    • Email.apk
    • Moxier Mail
    • EVO Youtube
    • m900 Wi-Fi Tether

    One other great aspect of this ROM is that you don’t need to format or wipe any sort of data prior to flashing or installation. Users of this ROM have also classified this ROM as a battery life extender. In order to flash this ROM you will first need to flash DE03 along with Recovery. All the installation procedure and download links are available at official SDX forums thread.


    Picture Credit: CBS Interactive

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