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Install Pre-Rooted, Deodexed Android 2.2 Froyo J29 ROM On Samsung Epic 4G

The newest Android 2.2 Froyo DJ29 ROM for Samsung Epic 4G is now available for download  with all thanks to hackers and developers at XDA. One awesome factor of this ROM is that it’s deodexed, zip-aligned and pre-rooted for user ease. The new 4.1 build of this ROM comes with numerous fixes including camera, remount scripts etc.


Update: This ROM has been abandoned by the developer and has become obsolete. The download links aren’t working anymore either. We recommend you get the latest official Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Epic 4G instead.

Here is the step by step guide on installing this ROM on your Samsung Epic 4G:

  1. The first step is to download the ZIP file from here (link dead) and save it on your desktop.
  2. Now connect your phone to the computer, mount SD card and copy the zip file you just downloaded to SD card root.
  3. Once done, launch Market on your phone and download ROM Manager.
  4. Launch the ROM Manager and install ClockworkMod Recovery.
  5. Once the recovery image is flashed / installed, tap on Install ROM from SD card.
  6. Checkmark Wipe Cache and Make Old ROM Backup followed by pressing OK.
  7. Now sit back and relax while ROM Manager flashes the ROM on your Samsun Epic 4G.

Once the process is complete, your phone will reboot and now your phone will be running the latest J29 leaked Android 2.2 Froyo build for Samsung Epic 4G. As the ROM is already deodexed as well as rooted, so you can install all the apps and do all the stuff that requires you to have root. Please note that this ROM is specifically for Samsung Epic 4G and is not meant for other Samsung Galaxy S variants. Some known issues with this ROM, as per the ROM chef are:

  • Browsing can be slower than 2.1. also checkerboards a fair bit.
  • Audio sometimes skips while using 3G
  • Automatic brightness needs to be toggled once before the brightness slider in the notification bar works

Disclaimer: Please use this method at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case you end up with a bricked device or any other damage.

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  • sean m

    If I need to, how do I revert back to stock settings?

  • Chris

    somethings up with my phone, I can’t root it.
    I tried the one click root for epic and followed directions…Device not found.
    Dammit sprint or Samsung for making me go through this bs.