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Install Themes On Custom ROMS With One Click Theme Injector

One Click Theme Injector is built with the idea of theming any Custom ROM with a theme of your choice on your rooted Android phone. Usually it’s a hard-deal for any one new to rooting to find and flash a custom theme over a custom ROM, but with this One Click Theme Injector, things have never been this straight forward. For now this script can only be used in command prompt, but we do believe that a simpler method might show up soon for those who don’t feel comfy with command prompt.

According to the author of One Click Theme Injector, this script, if run successfully, will:

  • Push over all the themes .PNG files from the APK with it to the ROMs matching APK.
  • Optimize every PNG in the theme you are porting over.
  • Zip align all the APKs in your newly themed ROM.
  • Sign the newly themed ROM.

Here is the step by step guide on integrating any theme on a custom ROM with One Click Theme Injector:

Please read the guide from start to end at least two times before doing it yourself. We only encourage users with experience of command prompt to attempt this guide.

1. The first step is to download the custom ROM that you want to flash. I used HTC Dream / G1 so I downloaded CyanogenMod 6.0 Android 2.2 Froyo ROM. You can download any custom theme of your choice but CM nightlies / Stables are highly recommended.

2. Once you are done with downloading your ROM, it’s time to get your theme. I downloaded Mr. Inc Theme for HTC Dream / G1 for this purpose.

3. Now grab the One Click Theme Injector from here, extract and rename the extracted folder as One Click.

4. Now copy this One Click folder on your D:\ root [Take the screenshot below as reference].

D Drive1

5. Once done, rename your custom ROM folder to “Update.zip” and theme folder to “theme1.zip”. Now copy both these folders to One Click folder in D:\.

6. Once you are done with copying and pasting folders after renaming them, go to Start > Run and type CMD.

7. This will open command prompt on your screen. Now type D: to land in D Drive.

8. Now Type “cd One Click” which will take you to the One Click folder.

9. Once you are in the One Click directory, type : “theme_Injector”.

10. Now type “theme1.zip” as answer to wheres the theme you want to inject followed by pressing enter. Now type update.zip against wheres the rom you want to inject to and hit enter.

theme011. Now follow the onscreen instructions it will ask you regarding overwriting certain apk files. You can type A followed by hitting Enter if you want the script to overwrite all the files.

12. Now it’s time to wait for 15 minutes before the script injects the theme into your custom ROM. After the process is over, another folder will be created inside One Click folder that will be your custom ROM with theme injected in. The name of the folder will be “themed-update.zip”.

13. Once you are through all this, connect your phone to the computer, mount SD card and copy the themed-update.zip file to SD card root. Follow this by rebooting your computer in recovery mode and then flashing this themed ROM file.

And there you go! Now, you have your favorite theme working flawlessly over your desired custom ROM.

Please note that this script can’t be utilized if you are looking to port HDPI to MDPI theme and nor it will work in case of XML over smali edits. This is because it’s coded in a way that overlooks these file types and you might end up with an error. Moreover, you are also required to have Java Classpath for this script to run properly and you can check if it’s there or not by typing “Java –version” in command prompt.

Download One Click Theme Injector

If you face any sort of difficulty while trying to inject themes in ROMs using this method, you can consult the official XDA thread in the link above.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case your device bricks or any other damage occurs due to this method.

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