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Instructions To Install Android Gingerbread On TouchPad Now Available

HP TouchPad, the dual core WebOS tab, sold like hot cakes after HP decided to streamline their ever rusting stocks. One prominent reason for these insane sales was the fact that someone managed to get Android on their TouchPad. After the price drop to $ 99, nearly everyone ordered a TouchPad for the sole purpose of porting Android OS to unleash the real potential of this tablet. A bounty of well over USD 2000 was in place and there were a number of teams and individuals working day and night to get Android on TouchPad for the sake of this hefty sum.

The Touch Droid Team, a group of coders and hackers, got together to port Android on HP TouchPad and released teaser videos of their progress. However the drama took a new twist when Touch Droid Team actually boasted about “stealing” and “infringing” code from the CyanogenMod team in a IRC chat session which got leaked on web-sphere.

The twist leading to unexpected private IRC chat leak has resulted in disbandment of the Touch Droid Team. Hp-Touch-Pad-AndroidIn their latest blog post, someone from the team has declared the group as disbanded and members of the team also got banned from RootzWiki, a budding Android development and hacking forum.

So where do we stand now ? Are we getting the “promised” Android dessert on our TouchPads ? Well, yes we are! Apparently, as the Android to Touchpad porting code was a collection of infringed elements from team CM, the disbanded Touch Droid released the source code before cornering themselves from any further development. And not only did they release the code, they also provided complete step by step instructions to install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on HP TouchPad. The instructions, if followed closely and to detail, can give you a working Android build on TouchPad with lots of bugs, issues and glitches. The reason being that porting wasn’t perfect and for now the installation instructions and downloads are meant for people who can take the project further.

According to multiple sources, different CyanogenMod team members are at work to get Android running on HP TouchPad. It will be better to wait for an official CyanogenMod build because it is ore reliable and even their nightlies work better than  most “stable” Android custom ROMs.

In case you can’t wait and want to get Android on your TouchPad with all issues and bugs on-board, then head to the Touch Droid Forum thread posted here for instructions, downloads, feedback and support. 

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