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Intel Pair & Share: Stream Photos From Android To PC Over WiFi

Want to remotely stream photos on your computer screen via your smartphone/tablet? Then you must try Intel Pair & Share – Intel’s official photo-streaming client for Android and iOS. Initially released on the iTunes App Store, Intel Pair & Share has just made its way into the Android Market. As implied by its name, Intel Pair & Share connects your device with its desktop client (on PC) using a secure PIN and lets you share/stream images on your computer screen. All streaming is over a commonly shared Wi-Fi connection and what’s even better is that multiple users can hook up to the sharing mechanism and stream their images in full screen on a PC.

Such massive is the impact of modern-day feature-rich smartphones/tablets on our lives that even the likes of Intel – a renowned name in the world of CPU manufacturers – couldn’t resist joining the foray. The app, as expected from the product a company of such good reputation, has been able to impress quite a lot of users.


As of now, the Intel Pair & Share desktop client works with Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) only and can be downloaded from Intel’s official Download Center for free. Both the desktop as well as the mobile client have an elegant design and are extremely simple to use. Just install the client on your PC, fire up the app on your device, establish a secure pair between both the clients using a PIN and start streaming your photos. Here’s a detailed guide of the entire process.

Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, all you need to do is launch the desktop and the mobile client. The mobile client automatically scans all available devices (computers) that are connected to the network. Tapping on a device name takes you to another screen where you must feed in the PIN generated by the desktop client (one time process only). Once the PIN is entered, the mobile client should establish a connection with the desktop app.

At the bottom of the mobile client’s main interface, you have all your local image directories displayed as thumbnails while all the underlying photos within a selected folder are displayed in the middle of the screen. Just tap on a picture of your liking to share it on the computer screen. Streaming speed may vary depending upon the size of the image as well as the strength of the network connection.


Here’s another great feature of Intel Pair & Share. The top bar on the mobile client’s main interface has been reserved for all the images shared on PC by various users who are paired with the desktop client, each connected via an exclusively assigned PIN. This means that users can see all the images shared by other users via thumbnails on their devices and hence, can stream those images to the computer by tapping on the respective thumbnails. The settings button on the mobile client’s main interface can be tapped to specify your username and add a profile photo. These are displayed on the desktop client’s interface when you connect to it.


From the desktop client’s perspective, all the shared images within an active session can be viewed in full screen and you can use the left/right navigation keys on the keyboard to switch between images. While a connection is established, the desktop client displays usernames of all the connected users in a pane on the left side of its main interface. Similarly, as a new image flows in from a user, his/her name is displayed at the bottom-right side of the window. Also, the desktop client, if set to keep running in the background, automatically launches in full-screen each time you connect to it via the app.

Although Intel Pair & Share functions absolutely smoothly and brings forth a relatively fresh concept of remotely streaming photos on PC via mobile devices, the reverse streaming feature (from PC to device) and the option to download streamed images, if added, would prove to be a massive boost for the already-increasing popularity of the app.

Download Intel Pair & Share for Android

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