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Intel TelePort Extender: Get Android Call Alerts, Texting & More On PC

With the previously reviewed Intel Pair & Share app for Android and iOS, we saw an extremely effective (and rather unique) way of remotely streaming photos from a smartphone/tablet to PC and other devices over a shared Wi-Fi connection. Taking the aforementioned concept even further, Intel is back with another impressive app called Intel TelePort Extender that focuses on remotely accessing several core phone/device features from a Windows PC. The app lets you remotely access, search for, send and receive text messages, view caller ID notifications, and browse your phone contacts on your PC through a desktop client. That’s not all; using various controls on the desktop client, you can also remotely sound ringer, map a custom location, and launch car navigation on your device. As of now, the mobile client of the app is currently available only for Android devices, while the desktop client works only with Windows 7. Any device that is sharing the same Wi-Fi network can be paired with the desktop client, one at a time.


In essence, Intel Teleport Extender takes a leaf out of several existing Android apps based on the concept of remotely accessing, tracking and controlling your device from the desktop. AirDroid, Plan B, and TekTrak are a few examples that instantly come to mind. However, this particular app is, as of now, aimed at providing the users with access and control to only the most commonly used phone features. Just like Intel’s previous Android app, Intel TelePort Extender is also extremely simple to configure and use. Just ensure that the mobile and desktop client are up and running on their respective devices, and that the devices are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection (download links to both clients are provided at the end).


Once all prerequisites are in place, just select the required computer name from the list displayed on the mobile app’s homescreen, confirm the 6-digit PIN on both devices, and you’re good to go.

Now that you’ve successfully paired your device with the computer, you’ll find all aforementioned features and phone controls within the desktop client, all arranged under separate tabs, namely Messages, Call History, Contacts and Extras.


From within the Messages tab, you can search for and view your text messages. To send a text message, just hit the message icon at the  top-right of the window and select your contact(s).


The Call History tab, as indicated by its name, lists all calls made to and from your phone. From under the Contacts tab, you can view, edit and text to your contacts. The aforementioned remote ringer, map and navigation features can be accessed from under the Extras tab.

There’s nothing much to tweak in the mobile client, really. Apart from selecting the computer with which you wish to pair your device, you can toggle the app’s service as well as the auto-connect feature On/Off.


To enable/disable call and message notifications, and/or to wipe records of paired devices from the desktop client, click the little arrow beside the computer name and select Preferences.

Download Intel Teleport Extender for Android

Download Intel Teleport Extender (Windows desktop client)


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