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IntelliScreen: Set Different Screen Timeout Intervals For Individual Android Apps

You’d hardly find a smartphone or tablet user these days who doesn’t gripe over the rather limited battery life of their devices. Among the most common culprits that contribute to hogging your device’s battery resources, the display is the one that overpowers all the others. This holds true especially if you’ve set the screen brightness to maximum, and/or have extended the screen timeout beyond the default value of 15 seconds. While you may get a bit more juice by reducing the screen brightness or decreasing the screen timeout interval, there could be a situation where you might require your screen to remain active for a prolonged time period (for example, when you’re reading off the web or using a book/RSS readers). PyroByte Studio’s IntelliScreen (currently in beta) lets you specify separate screen timeout intervals for individual apps, and set screen timeout to be disabled when the device is in a particular position that is saved using the accelerometer.

IntelliScreen-Android-Home IntelliScreen-Android-General-Screen-Timeout

There is absolutely no restriction on the number of apps for which you can customize screen timeout. For each selected app, you have the choice of keeping the screen permanently active for as long as the app is running in the foreground, specify a custom screen timeout interval app in minutes as well as seconds.

IntelliScreen-Android-Apps IntelliScreen-Android-Custom-Timeout

The option to assign a separate screen timeout interval to each app constitutes just one useful facet of IntelliScreen. The app also supports a rather unique and interesting feature that allows you to keep the screen activated for as long as the device remains in a specific position. For this purpose, the app utilizes your device’s accelerometer.

From within the app’s accelerometer settings screen, all you need to do is adjust the sensor sensitivity on the slider, check the Enable Accelerometer Service option, hold your device in the desired position/orientation, and finally, tap the Calibrate Sensor button to save the position within the app. Once that is done, the screen will only time out when you move your device to a position other than the one you saved.

IntelliScreen-Android-Accelerometer IntelliScreen-Android-Start-On-Boot

You may also set the default screen timeout interval from within the app. This eliminates the need to use the Android settings menu, making the app the only place you need to go for adjusting screen timeout.

Download IntelliScreen for Android

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  1. thanks it bothers me a lot while playing games and reading pdfs
    i always use to change display time according to use as it is necessary to save battery
    thanks for sharing

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