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IntouchID For iPhone: Auto-Sync Changes To Your Contact Info With Friends’ Address Books

Almost all of us change our contact info at some point in time. Notifying every one of your contacts about changes to your primary phone number or email, or keeping track of all the changes your friends have made to theirs is quite a hassle. IntouchID is an iOS app that helps you out in this regard by automating the entire process. If you are linked with one of your contacts through the app’s cloud service, all the changes they make to their contact info will automatically be reflected in your device’s address book and vice versa.

intouchID Profile intouchID-Menu

The sign up procedure for IntouchID is a bit complicated as compared to most other apps. Once you have finished entering your particulars, you will be assigned a unique ID for the service. You can choose one of the codes suggested by the app, or modify the ID to your liking. Keep the ID as simple as possible, because it will be your key to connect with other users. After the account is set up, navigate to the app’s Main Menu and update your profile from within the myContactInfo section. This profile will later be shared with all the people you connect with. The Profile has options for personal as well as professional credentials. When you are done with it, save the info and hit Back.

intouchID Connections intouchID-Request

IntouchID will not pull information from your phone’s address book, but it will save new contacts to it. You don’t have to manually add a contact’s information if he or she is also an IntouchID user; just ask them for their app code, put it in the connect bar, and that person’s profile will automatically be loaded to your app after they approve your connect request.

When a user connected to you updates their profile on IntouchID, the changes they made will appear in your Contacts app as well. IntouchID is not just an iOS app, but a web service as well. So even if your friends don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can still connect with them via the web. IntouchID can be considered cloud service for contact information.

While the app has a pretty unique and useful concept, its user interface is, frankly, horrible. The buttons are slow to respond, and sometimes don’t work at all. It is sad to see such a laggy interface on an app that has amazing potential. However, this does not diminish its usefulness. Also, the app is new to the App Store; we’re hoping its interface will improve in time. The app is, like the service itself, is free. The link provided below will take you to its App Store page.

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