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iOnRoad: Augmented Reality Collision Detector For Drivers [Android]

iOnRoad is an Android app that, through its augmented reality driving assistance, real-time collision detection and automatic audio-visual alert feature, ensures that you always drive safe and stay alert of potential traffic accidents, making it an extremely handy tool for novice drivers. The app uses Android’s native camera and sensors to predict the time-gap until collision with another vehicle and warns the drivers accordingly.

Using iOnRoad is simple. All you need to do is mount your device (in horizontal position) on your car’s dashboard or windshield mount (stand) with its camera lens facing forward. Make sure that iOnRoad is activated on your device with your device’s horizontal and vertical levels (option to check said levels within the app) adjusted to perfection. In case you’re driving your way to some unavoidable danger, the app alerts you through separate audio and video warnings based on its various calculations. The green, yellow and/or red indicators on the vehicles moving ahead of you notify you of headway distance (time to collide) along with alert sounds so that you can adjust your speed accordingly.


For the app to work effectively, make sure that a strong internet connection and GPS is activated on your device. To ensure that you do not have to leave app’s interface to access various phone features such as the dialer, navigation, gallery and music, iOnRoad contains shortcuts to all mentioned applications. The app even lets you change the applications that each of the four shortcuts launch. This can be done from within the app’s settings screen.


Automatic Driving Detection feature of iOnRoad keeps it actively running in the background while you’re busy driving. In this way, the app keeps you ever-alert of potential threats on road in case you’re about to undergo that moment of lapse in concentration.


The app offers ample customization options so that you can adjust the app according to your personal driving preferences. You may toggle various Activation settings such as Automatic driving detection (a handy feature, provided the device is mounted to a windshield mount), Bring iOnRoad to foreground (to automatically display app’s interface when active) and automatically Close iOnRoad when device is unmounted from the windshield mount. You may also adjust separate Minimum Battery Levels to keep the app active when your device is running on battery or when it is connected to the charger.


In addition, you can modify various Display settings such as toggling the Opposite display on/off (flip the app’s display to adjust with left-hand driving). There is also an option to change Temperature scale (units) and Speed units (kph or mph). Tapping on Car information on the settings screen lets you change the information that the app should display. You can select to display gap (in time) between your car and the one just ahead you, your distance from the car and/or your car’s speed.


From the Sounds & Alerts settings menu, you can toggle various settings on/off, such as Activation Sounds (along with an option to play them in full volume) and Headway Distance Monitor (in case you’re driving too close to the vehicle ahead). You can also specify crash alert time for comparatively tighter situations.


The app allows you to toggle Snapshot burst mode on/off which can be availed to take 3 snapshots in a row with just a single tap while driving. All these customization features are there to ensure that once you’re set out on a journey with the app activated, you don’t fall an easy prey to your negligence. Even if you do, iOnRoad won’t!

Download iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite for Android (Free)

Download iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro for Android (Paid)

Update: The iOS variant of iOnRoad is now available in iTunes App Store. The app costs $1.99 and can be downloaded via the link provided below.

Download iOnRoad For iOS



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