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iOS 5 Brings Twitter Integration In Photos, Safari, YouTube & Maps

Android has its GTalk integration and Windows Phone 7 comes with Facebook chat interlaced with text messages in the Mango update. So it was about time iOS came up with something of its own. The largest remaining platform was Twitter, and Apple wasted no time in seizing the opportunity by the throat. iOS 5 comes with amazing Twitter integration. There is almost no part of the OS from where and about which, you can not tweet, and the best part is that you don’t even have to go to any Twitter app or a separate section of the operating system in order to tweet. You can tweet photos, videos, webpage links and locations from almost anywhere in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if its running iOS 5. How exactly? You can find out after the break.

Photo Tweet iOS 5Maps Tweet iOS 5

Did you just snap a photo from your iPhone’s amazing camera and can’t wait to show your antics to all your followers on Twitter? You don’t have to wait. Tap the sharing button at the bottom of the photo, hit the “Tweet” button and you are done as soon as you enter your account credentials. You just have to set up your Twitter account once, in the Settings app, and after that you will be able to post to Twitter with a single touch. Same is the case with library photos where an identical Tweet button has been added to sharing options. If you have one account integrated with your device, you don’t even have to input your account info again and again. The new iOS allows you to share any location from the maps app by dropping a pin there, or you can add your current location to your tweets if you choose to do so.

Video Tweet iOS 5Webpage Tweet iOS 5

As you might have already guessed by now, video sharing and webpage sharing have also been integrated into iOS 5. The method is similar to other tweeting options. The deep integration doesn’t end here, you can now tweet from any app that supports the social micro-blogging website without having to exit your current screen and going all the way to the app. If you are a Twitter fan, iOS 5 is certainly an early Christmas present for you.

This guide is part of the 10 new features in iOS 5 – the latest operating system from Apple for their iDevices.

  1. Notification Center
  2. iMessage
  3. Reminders
  4. Twitter Integration (Currently viewing)
  5. Newsstand
  6. Camera & Photos Updates
  7. Improved Game Center
  8. New Features in Safari Browser
  9. New Features in Mail app
  10. Activate iDevice without PC

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