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iOS 5 Reminders App; To-Do Lists, Time & Location Based Alerts

Notes, to-do list and task management apps are plentiful across all smartphone app stores, and a large contingent of such apps is undoubtedly shared by those based on reminders and alarms. If you were thinking Reminders would just be another ‘to-do list’ app that would pop up an alarm or two on a certain time with a note telling you to go get breakfast, you will indeed be disappointed. Reminder is indeed a step ahead then most task management apps or reminder apps with the simplicity involved and especially with the location aware reminders that will make any iOS user fall in love with this app and those of you who prefer to not keep things organized, might just start doing so. So let us walk you through one of iOS’s proudest achievements.


To start setting up reminders, run the app and hit the + (add) button to start adding tasks or reminders. Once a reminder is added, tap it once again to bring a detailed view where you can edit how you want to be reminded. Whether via a notification at a certain date and time or the awesome location based trigger. The location based trigger can be set to activate when you leave the current location or arrive at a location, the address to which you have to input in the form of a contact who’s address you already have saved.

More so, a priority can be assigned to the task as well along with any notes you want as well. Once the details are all set up, simply hit done.


How you view your reminders can also be changed in the form of a calendar view, or if you want, date wise as well. By default, the app contains lists in which your reminders are sorted; Completed and Reminders. However you can add a list of your own as well if you wish.


The app also gives you the ability to search for reminders you may have set up via some keywords as well, incase you’re forgetting a reminder that needs to be edited or you need deleted for whatsoever reason.

This guide is part of the 10 new features in iOS 5 – the latest operating system from Apple for their iDevices.

  1. Notification Center
  2. iMessage
  3. Reminders (Currently viewing)
  4. Twitter Integration
  5. Newsstand
  6. Camera & Photos Updates
  7. Improved Game Center
  8. New Features in Safari Browser
  9. New Features in Mail app
  10. Activate iDevice without PC


  1. I made a mistake and can’t find a way to change it. I had it displaying reminders, in a list. But I had it display tasks and now I can’t change it back. I wanted all the open reminders to show in a long list, not only those on a certain day..

  2. I’m not sure that this is the right place to post this but here goes: The reminders app is great but perhaps too clever??!! It’s picked up 3500 of my completed tasks from Outliook for Mac !! I’ve deleted them from Outlook and they’ve diss aired from my iPad but all still there on my iPhone 4 . For some crazy reason all the tasks are blank too’ Suggestions anyone

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