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iPhone 4 Accessories And Their Prices

Finally the iPhone 4 is out and most of the folks who pre-ordered have already received their handsets. With the advent of iPhone 4, there are the accessories for this device surfacing too.

Here are some of the accessories that you might like getting your hands on for your all new iPhone 4:

iPhone 4 Protective Covers

iphone 4 bumper

There is a whole range of bumpers or protective covers for the iPhone and you can easily find them in a color of your choice. Black, White, green Pink, Orange, Blue and White are some of the famous iPhone 4 bumper colors and you can directly get them from Apple for $ 29 each.

iPhone 4 Bluetooth Keyboard

BT Keyboard

The iPhone 4 also gets connected with a Mac Bluetooth keyboard so that you can use your iPhone 4 as a full fledge computer. Although it is only available from Apple for now, but we can expect a mushroom availability of such wireless keyboards by different manufacturers.

Apple VGA Adapter For iPhone 4

iPhon 4 accessories

You can now connect the Apple VGA Adapter to your iPhone 4 in order to out out your phone’s display on monitors, projector screens and televisions. The adapter is priced at $ 30 and is directly purchasable from Apple store.

iPhone 4 Glamour Cases

iph glamor

iLuv has also introduced some non official cases or the iPhone 4 which have pretty interesting and catchy designs. The cases from iLuv can range from $15 to $50.

iPhone 4 Basic Dock


Apple has also introduced a basic dock for the iPhone4that costs $29. This dock comes with integrated audio line and also a utility to charge the iPhone 4.


Picture Credits: Apple, Cnet, iLuv

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