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The History Of Jailbreak And Unlock. Who Will Be The First To Unlock iPhone 4?

When the original iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, the cat-and-mouse game between hackers and Apple had begun. Before the highly-anticipated launch, Apple had already announced on June 11 that year, that the iPhone will support only web-based applications, coupled with the fact that it will remain tethered exclusively to the AT&T network. These announcements were received with much resentment by the excited user community, since that meant slaughtering the true potential of Apple’s wonder-child. And hence the game started.

Editor’s Note: If you are looking for jailbreaking and unlocking guides, scroll to the bottom of this page. We will keep updating this page when new tools and methods for unlocking and jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are released.

Just four days after the launch of the iPhone 2G, on July 3, 2007, DVD Jon bypassed the official activation procedure (through iTunes) and made the instructions publically available via the internet. Following suit, on July 10, the much-revered iPhone Dev-Team developed a partial unlock for the iPhone, allowing use of non-iPhone AT&T SIM cards with the device. Things began progressing.

On July 30, 2007, the first ever native, third party app was born; MobileTerminal, a terminal emulator application for the iPhone, had said hello to the world.

The month of August that year saw a rapid increase in hacking attempts, with British hackers especially keen on making the device work with non-AT&T SIMs, but the true breakthrough came on Aug. 24, when George Hotz (geohot) developed the first complete, hardware-based hack and unlock for his iPhone, and documented the procedure on his blog. This process got translated to many software-based unlocks, and we saw solutions like iPhoneSimFree, iUnlock, and AnySim (GUI based) surfacing rapidly, some free, some paid. Hackers eventually released a permanent jailbreaking tool for iPhone OS 1.0

With the release of firmware 1.1.1, Apple rendered many jailbroken devices useless. The iPod Touch 1st generation had also been released, and since it used the same firmware as the iPhone, it, too, was jailbroken using the same techniques.

On July 11, 2008, Apple released the iPhone 3G with firmware 2.0. July 20, 2008, the infamous Dev-Team released the great Pwnage tool (Mac only), offering the jailbreak in a GUI. The hacking game continued with iPod Touch 2G, and March 11, 2009 saw the release of redsn0w 0.1 (welcome Windows) from the Dev-Team, offering tethered jailbreak for iPod Touch 2G as well.

What had now begun was a chase for loopholes in Apple’s OS between the jailbreakers and Apple’s greatest minds. Hackers found and exploited loops, and Apple covered them up in their next OS release. In March 2009, Apple announced OS 3.0 for iPhones and iPod Touches, and three months later the Dev-Team released PwnageTool 3.0 and redsn0w 0.7.2, allowing jailbreak of both iPhone 2G and 3G, as well as iPod Touch running the new OS.

June through September 2009, Apple released not only the iPhone 3GS, but also the iPod Touch 3G and 2G MC models. The era also saw the OS going to version 3.1 (for which Dev-Team came up with Pwnage 3.1.3) and then to 3.1.2, for which the Dev-Team had no solution, and jailbreak community was left in the dark. All in all, it was ‘just another brick in the wall.’

On October 11, 2009, geohot again surfaced, ‘making it rain’ with his blackra1n tool, allowing jailbreak of all iPhones and iPod Touches upto 3GS and 3G, respectively, running firmware 3.1.2, although 3GS and iTouch 3G were tethered. Nov. 2, geohot updated blackra1n to RC3, adding the ability to tethered jailbreak iPod Touch 3G 8GB model, one that was using the latest bootrom. Hotz also released blacksn0w unlock for iPhone 3G and 3GS, capable of handling baseband 5.11.07.

At this point, it was expected that Apple would not release any new firmware update until the iPhone 4G, running OS 4.0, or maybe a new OS 3.2 would surface, at maximum. However, Feb. 2, 2010, out of the blue came firmware 3.1.3 upgrade, which not only closed the loophole used by blackra1n or redsn0w, but also upgraded the baseband to 05.12.01, which was unlockable by any means. Much speculation says that this release was intended only to force the jailbreak community to expose further known flaws in the OS, so that they can be patched before 4.0. However, if that was Apple’s intention, they failed miserably, since all the main players in jailbreak community refused to release any tool for this useless upgrade, and advised users to stick with 3.1.2.

Following is a chart from Wikipedia showing how hacks and new devices went head to head.


Good signs began showing just one week after this release, when @sherif_hashem found the first hole in the new baseband, which he handed over to the dev-team. Shortly after, @geohot and @musclenerd too, claimed to have found two working loopholes. However, no release was announced to make sure Apple doesn’t get what it aimed for with this 3.1.3 OS. Dev-Team tweaked the pwnage tool and redsn0w to make them capable of jailbreaking iPhone and iPod Touch on 3.1.3, but 3GS and 3G Touch were still left without solutions. A new player also entered the jailbreak game, iH8sn0w, with his sn0wbreeze tool, which allowed iPhone (all) and iPod Touch (1G and 2G only) to be jailbroken with 3.1.3, but with older bootroms only. 3GS was still tethered.

In the current scenario, situations have changed from what they were when the original iPhone was first launched. The world saw the first hack coming right after four days of launch, and it was at the time when the understanding of the OS was not very thorough. Today, not only does the hacking community better understand this Apple’s marvel of engineering, but also has three working loopholes already in their pocket. The number of players have also increased; Dev-Team, GeoHot, iH8sn0w are among the key players. Then there is the Chronic Dev Team, who are reportedly working on a new jailbreak tool, Greenpois0n, which is being held back only to see the release of iPhone 4G and the new OS 4.0, and utilize the flaw in Apple’s software for this major release.

Looming ahead is the anticipated launch of iPad, for which it has already been announced by Apple that it will not allow being tethered. Hence, jailbreaking the iPad has already become a priority for hackers.

The question now stands at this: what will Apple do? Will there be an OS 3.2 release? Will they directly go for iPhone and iPod Touch 4G, with OS 4.0? And when? How will the jailbreakers tackle this? Will they release a jailbreak/unlock if Apple goes for iPhone OS 3.2, or will they sit this one out as well? And more importantly, who will be the first to release the jailbreak/unlock for both iPhone 4G and iPad? Will it be the Dev-Team? GeoHot? iH8sn0w? Chronic Dev Team? Or some new player? Only time will tell.

Stay with us as we continue to explore new developments on this front. Our updates will continue to follow.

Update: The iPhone OS 4.0 beta has been jailbroken. We will keep you updated when it is released.

Update 2: Jailbreak for iPhone 3G OS 4.0 (beta 1) is out for developers. At this moment it is Mac only. Grab it here.

Update 3: The iDevices operating system will now be called iOS 4 and the devices will be named as iOS Devices. Follow the latest updates here.

Update 4: If you are looking to Unlock iPhone after upgrading to iOS 4, have patience. We will update this page as soon as it is out. Also note that iOS 4 only connects with iTunes 8.2.

Update 5: Jailbreak for iPhone 3G running iOS 4 GM is out, check the full step-by-step guide here.

Update 6: Unlock for both iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 is out.

Update 7: Redsn0w 0.9.5 has been released for Windows. Read the step-by-step guide for jailbreaking here and here.

Update 8: The unlock for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 on all basebands, including 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, and 05.13.04 is out. Check out the guide here.

Update 9: Find out if your iPhone 3GS has a new bootrom or old bootrom with this simple tool iDetector.

Update 10: Looking to downgrade your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS? Follow this guide.

Final Update: The most useful and easiest way to jailbreak your iPhone 4 is to use JailbreakMe. After jailbreaking, you can easily unlock your iPhone with SAM.

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  • Venu

    I am use apple iphone 2g ( 1st gen) is there any chance to upgread my iphone 2g with apple iphone 4g os.If possible please send me the message to my mail.My mail id is venu6741@yahoo.co.in

    • No you cannot because Apple has stopped supporting iPhone 2G.

    • Beef

      You can’t update to IOS4 but you can update to a custom firmware using Whited00r. Whited00r has their own Pwnage tool and you use 3.1.3 firmware and it will customize it to have IOS4 icons, multitasking and wallpaper. Other features can be found here http://www.whited00r.com/features.html

      Unfortunately if your a windows user you will have to email them and they will make a custom firmware for you and send it via email. Again this is for the Iphone 2G and and Ipod Touch 1G.

  • Daniel

    I’m going to buy the iphone 4G the 24th june. But won’t buy it with AT&T.
    So my only doubt is that what happens if finally this device can not be unlocked and jailbroken? Is this possible? I use another cellphone company, so unlock is priority for me.
    But i’ve been thinking that it’s not possible, because all new models, within weeks, months, finally have been unlocked. But I want to be sure so I buy it then.

    What do you think? what can you know about it? any information is helpful


  • @Daniel…..i was thinking the same thing too. My dad always said. What ever man makes, make breaks. I think regaurdless of what apple does, some one some where will find out a way to beat the system. Even if it takes months. even a yr tops. Ppl always hack what ever is made. I just hope he is right with the iphone 4. Because i will be buying it as sooon as i can.

    • moe

      It took almost 2 years? Maybe more to just scratch the surface to crack the ps3, and till now no hacks yet are out, so it i possible to beat the the hackers, but we will wait far too long to even care if we can hack it, the ps3 is a perfect example!

  • Sorry about the Grammer error guys…

  • dev team

    guys seriously i have got the hack for iphone 4g but my team and i ight be thinking about making this hack worth money……. ( you might have to pay for it) any way ya can just buy it from ebay for about 20 bucks …

    mi iphone 4g is alreadi jail broken

  • dev team

    jokes jokes

    i wish sorri guys anyway it will be free

  • dev team

    i havent got a hack for 4g yet but it will happen

  • the real dev team

    Our team has da real jailbreak you know das right!

  • dev team

    well fake dev team the real dev team us have made it iphone 4g jailbreak

    we call it godspeed

    but arnt realsing it for a while due to some minor glitches but it still works

  • Joshua

    So what do u think, when is the jailbreak for iPhone 4G Coming out?

  • bhargav

    i have iphone 3gs 16 gb white colour running ios4 ….i jailbroke my phone and even unlocked it using sn0wbreeze v1.6.1 and also pwnagetool 4.0 worked

    • Daniel

      @BHARGAV –

      please post the process you used for jailbreaking your 3GS running ios4

      as far as i am aware there is no current jailbreak available for those unlucky enough to have upgraded to the official 4.0

    • Mehul

      ur phone was of new or old bootrom??

  • Carlos

    Hey Guys!… Ive been all day long sitting in my computer trying to figure out if its a good idea to get an IPHONE 4, since i live in Venezuela i need it unlocked :(… Do you have any idea when will it be possible to unlock it??… And will it be hard to do?? Thanks guys 🙂 God bless!

    • guest

      At the end of July the iphone 4 will be released in Canada and they will be available unlocked!

  • peter

    how much does the iphone 4g cost without at&t?

    • Phil

      700 + tax at BBY

  • Ash Singh

    I Phone 4 has Micro SIM, even though we unlock it how can we get the micro sim for the desired carrier? ( I believe all the carriers are supporting micro sim at this point)



  • LITO

    I just both the iphone 4g 32 gb but cant figuer out how to unlock it when does the unlock come out ???

  • Ricardo

    when is quickpawn releasing for 3gs? coz i got iphone from another country and its locked 🙁 it wasnt jailbreaked before
    🙁 and i got firmware 4.o, ive tried many softwares like blackrain, pwnagetool spirit, i even bought a software from the net but it didnt help 🙁 i tried in mac even in windows xp, but its not working. i swaped my n97 with this iphone 3gs with a friend, nd i dont know if its robbed,its second hand but it looks new, so i swaped it. pls help.

  • Ricardo

    i forget to say, i did the custom firmware, but when i im restoring in itunes it gives me the error somthng 1604, ohh and i used the redsnow to, but it didnt work.. 🙁 help me pls
    thnks again.

  • Webby

    Geohot got arrogant and pulled out of the game doubt the Dev team and others have the skill for the iPhone 4 .. Sad times.. Think apple won this one , won’t ever be jailbroken 🙁

    • Adam!

      Don’t talk out of your backside WEBBY! It has already been jailbroken! weeks ago!!

  • ZeeZee

    Hi I have the Iphone 4g and I was wondering if it is possible to get that jailbroken and unlock thanks

  • out of coverage

    well well well better you jeailbreak and figure out everytime they make a good thang for informatic and develop more the creativity of apple solution

  • Steven

    hi, i m planning to buy i phn 4g . can it be jailbroken and unlocked ??

  • reddy

    i am using new apple 4 with at&t. is jailbreak is possible, if it possible can you send the link to jailbreak it. After jail breaking iphone 4, we can watch videos from megavideo and other websites. please send me reply as soon as possible…………..



  • salmanjutt

    i have iphone 4g but it is locked. i want to unlocked. somebody help me.

  • yadvinder singh

    i have apple 4g vesion 4.1 at&t. is jailbreak is possible.. plz send me link plz help me

  • Does anybody know when jailbreak release comes? Pot it please! 🙂

  • vivek jaiswal

    Dear dev & team,
    I intend to buy i phone 4 but not from AT&T..please telll me if it is possible to unlock it and any sim can be used with the device.If yes how? please tell coz i’m very keen to buy it but i’ll have to use it outside USA so can’t use AT&T. please advice.
    Thanks& Regards


    i buy iphone 4g 4.2.1 at&t but nou i want to use another sim plz help me


  • LausDeo

    Hello to all iPhone users!!!

    The only reason I ve decided to post a comment is wish to help or just try to those who experienced problems with iPhone as I did and don’t have any solutions yet. Just to be clear my success is a result of visiting so much websites and forums regarding this problem and this is one of them (www.jaxov.com)

    OK, this was my state before, when everything was still ok with my iPhone:

    Technical details: Apple iPhone 3G with 8GB of memory
    OS version was 2.2.1
    Modem firmware 4.28.06
    Bootloader version 6.02

    After a short period of using this combination I accidentaly upgraded my OS version 2.2.1 to 3.1.3 from iTunes and then my nightmares begin.

    I don’t want to fool anybody around so all be very clear about what I have done next:

    First step: Download of 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 OS version from official Apple website and storing it on my computer!

    Second step: Download of iTunes latest version also from Apple website and installing it!

    Third step: Download of redsn0w 0.92 software version and installing it on my computer!

    Fourth step: Connecting my iPhone to PC using USB cable and putting it OFF which is the right way. Interent connection is required all the time while connected to iTunes so it can check your software version.

    Fifth step: Installing of 3.1.3 OS version using iTunes trough DFU mode. (DFU mode is expleined when you first start redsn0w or any other jailbraking software and that is hold down the POWER button for 4 sec and then without realesing it hold down the HOME button for another 10 sec and after that, realese the POWER button while holding HOME button for another 10 sec and you are entering DFU mode now. After that in iTunes when message appears hold down the SHIFT key and select your 3.1.3 OS version stored on computer. You can also use RESTORE mode trough iTunes which can be entered by long holding down the POWER and HOME button for about 10 sec until you receive message from iTunes that you are in RESTORE mode. Don’t forget to hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on restore button in iTunes where you select already stored 3.1.3 OS version on your computer). I ve used both ways just to make sure its working and the did. After this step which will take up to 10 minutes you should be able to see keypad and possibility of just making emergency calls and globe behind it! Don’t worry, all you have to do is to turn off your iPhone again and move to next step.

    Sixth step: Lounching redsn0w 0.92 version and using Browse button point to the location of 3.1.2 OS version on your computer. After its proceeded check options Install Cydia and nothing more and then hit Next. On this stage you need to enter in DFU mode which is explained above so when you are ready to do so hit Next again. Also if you don’t enter in DFU mode correctly for the first time click the Back button and try again. You will know that you have done good when automated process suddenly starts to transfers files from PC to your iPhone. When this happens just wait for program to finish and then click Done.
    Just wait for the installation to be finished and for about 10 minutes you will have a new screen on your iPhone but now fully accessible and operable.

    Seventh step: Launching Cydia for the first time and then let it finish all required tasks. Be sure to have Wi-Fi network connection because you are still not allowed to use SIM card potentials such as GPRS, EDGE or 3G and that it because your iPhone is still not fully unlocked. If you don’t have Wi-Fi near try to use your fixed connection on your PC to access Internet. This can be done by tethering iPhone with PC. Tethering is closely explained on many websites just try to google that. That is to create wireless network in area using your wireless adapter on PC. Make a standard connection trough ADSL, DSL or a cable modem to Internet and don’t forget to share it with your Wireless Network under Properties, and further in Advanced menu. After that turn on your Wi-Fi on your iPhone and connect to Wireless network which you had created earlier. This will provide you full Internet connection.

    Seventh step: Open Cydia again and under SOURCES add this link http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com and leave the process to be finished. Only if the installation was OK then after short time you will see Reboot option. If some errors occurs repeat the whole process again. If everything is OK and your iPhone is back again after rebooting then you are ready to put your SIM card in its locker and finally to use your iPhone again. This whole process went good for me and now I have healthy iPhone.

    So if this source doesen’t help you try http://blackra1n.com again under Sources in Cydia. Repeat the whole process like in the step before.

    That would be all that I have done to make my iPhone working again. There are many others way I m sure and many others apps to do same or maybe better but this combination worked fully for me and JUST for my version of iPhone considering all technical details I have stated in the begining of my note.
    Lots of luck iPhone users.

    IMPORTANT: (New status of my iPhone after this whole process):

    Software version: 3.1.3 (7E18)
    Modem Firmware: 05.12.01
    Bootlader Version: 6.02

    Be sure to check for original postd at http://jaxov.com/2009/09/downgrade-your-iphone-3g-firmware-3-1-baseband/ in the last row of comment section

  • Nanath


    I got an Iphone from Japan & it is locked to Softbank network now. IOS is 4.1 & Firmware is 02.10.04.

    Can i get this jailbreak & unlock. If so please tell me how?


  • Nanath

    Sorry. I couldn’t tell you that Iphone is 4G 32 GB.


  • Al

    Can I unlock my iphone 4g 4.2? Please reply!

  • shekhar

    how to jailbreak and unlock iphone4 16 gb

  • DK

    i have jailbreak my i phone 4 and i want to update the software to 4.3 should i do it and is it possible to get the apple software back to its normal working condition after jail break

  • DK

    Please mail me on dipkhetia@yahoo.com

  • jailbreakiphone41

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  • Hi,
      Thanks for valuable blog post. I really happy with your blog article post. I keep it up regular manner post. 

  • Boyusausa

    my phone 4g at&t how to unlock