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iTunes 10.5 Final Build Released Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch [Download & Install]

iTunes 10.5iTunes 10.5 final build has been released by Apple. After countless beta’s being released for the developer community to support the iOS 5, the build is now live on Apple’s site and comes just a day before the company plans to release their iOS 5 to the public. Since the iOS 5 brings about some serious changes and new features, for anyone who plans on moving on to the iOS 5 on their supported devices, the latest version of iTunes is a must if you want everything to go smoothly.


The build is available for both, Mac and Windows platforms. The new iTunes 10.5 will add support for the following features as per Apple’s saying:

  • iTunes in the Cloud. iTunes will now keep track of all your purchases and download them to all your iOS 5 devices anywhere and anytime.
  • Download previous purchases (as long as they are available on the iTunes Store) at no additional cost.
  • Wireless Sync for your devices with iTunes over the same Wi-Fi.
  • iTunes match and much more.

While the idea is to get the whole iCloud and iTunes match working flawlessly, Apple has been known more for their superb products rather than their web based services. These services do offer much and we wait to see how ell they pan out and actually how well these fair with the users.

Grab a copy as soon as you can prior to the iOS 5 launch since the Apple server will be flooded when that happens. To download the iTunes 10.5 build, head over to the official Apple website. Or if you already have an older version of iTunes installed, you can simply launch the Apple Software Update application on your PC or Mac and find the update to 10.5 waiting for you.

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