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Jailbreak iOS 4.1 With PwnageTool 4.1 Using Custom Firmware [Screenshot]

PwnageTool 4.1 is set to jailbreak iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS along with iPod Touch 2G/ 3G and iPad plus Apple TV 2. This powerful and seemingly “universal” jailbreak for virtually every iDevice running iOS 4.1 doesn’t has any ETA yet. The scale of recent activity within Chronic Dev Team twitter list suggests that this version of PwnageTool to jailbreak all iDevice on iOS 4.1 will be released really soon.

PwnageTool jailbreak includes the same bootrom exploit burned in Greenpois0n and Limera1n, but with the ability to unlock your device later.

iPhone hacker and developer, Musclenerd, recently tweeted a screenshot from alleged PwnageTool 4.1 which is posted below for your reference.


According to this screeshot of PwnageTool Ver 4.1, it is evident that iOS 4.1 will be indeed jailbroken through custom firmware cooking for iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4, iPod Touch 2G / 3G, iPad and Apple TV 2. We are keeping a close eye on all the developments taking place and we will update this post once there are download links available.

You can also download and jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad with Greenpois0n.

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