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Jailbreak The iPad With Spirit – Coming Soon

Just two days the iPad went into sale, the hacking community goes in full swing. MuscleNerd, the all-respected member of the iPhone Dev Team, has confirmed that they have successfully jailbroken an iPad using Spirit, the iPhone 3.1.3 jailbreak from comex. The iPhone jailbreak has been ported to the iPad through a combined effort by the Dev Team, the Chronic Dev Team, comex and chpwn.

The Spirit jailbreak, as we had pointed out earlier, is a userland jailbreak, meaning that you just need to point your web browser to a certain website in order to apply this jailbreak. Since Spirit for the iPad is a port from the iPhone, it can be assumed that the method would remain the same. Check out the video after the break, showing root access for iPad OS 3.2.

Just so you know, Spirit utilizes an exploit found in Mobile Safari which was present not only in OS 3.1.3, but luckily slipped past Apple in iPad firmware 3.2 as well.

As of yet, there is no ETA as to when the jailbreak would be released. Speculations say it may come concurrent with the iPad 3G release near the end of this month. Let’s wait and see.

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