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Jailbreakme.com Is Safe Again, Says Jay Freeman (Saurik)

For the past few hours, the internet has been abuzz with the news that the popular jailbreaking service Jailbreakme.com has been sold to “some unknown and untrusted person” and everyone was being advised not to use the website anymore. This spelt disaster for new and relatively inexperienced iOS users who wanted their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to be jailbroken with utmost ease. But, as it turns out, all that hue and cry was for absolutely nothing at all (yes, the blogosphere can be a bit over-dramatic at times). The issue has been resolved, and the developer of Cydia, Jay Freeman (@Saurik) has confirmed it just a few minutes ago himself! Read past the break to know the details.

Before we discuss this issue any further let’s just show you proof of what we have stated earlier.

Jay Freeman's Tweets

Jailbreakme is the most convenient way to jailbreak your iOS devices. There are others, of course, but using Jailbreakme, you need to do practically nothing at all. Simply open Jailbreakme.com on your iDevice’s browser and in one tap, Cydia store will be installed to your phone, thereby jailbreaking your device.

Now the problem was all about that particular domain. It was revealed that the owners who let the creator of Jailbreakme host the tool on their domain sold it to someone else a while back and this left the whole jailbreak community shivering in fear as no one was sure what kind of a person he/she was and people (not to mention, blogs) suspected that the domain might now be used to push malware to users. As an alternative, developers suggested the use of jailbreak.me as the new hosting domain. But users who might have missed the news would have continued visiting the old site. iOS is a pretty clean platform when it comes to malware, and unlike Android there are no widespread virus or phishing scam on iDevices. So, the selling of the domain meant a loophole in an otherwise airtight iOS environment. So, Saurik’s tweets come as a big relief to everyone, and the man himself has now confirmed that although the domain was sold to a new owner in July, he (Saurik) has reclaimed its possession.

Luckily, no such issue should arise now, as Saurik now has ownership of the domain. Judging by how successfully the Cydia store is being run, Jailbreakme.com is in safe hands now and the iOS universe can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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