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Jewels Pro! Is A Casual Match-3 Arcade Game For Android

Some games simply are too good to be missed, especially, when the offer is free. Match 3 games have seen quite a lot of popularity on smartphones. If you love playing match-3 games, then here’s an awesome new entry for the Android platform. Created by Awesome Puzzles, Jewels Pro! is a casual arcade game, the goal of which is to match three similar jewels (both in design and color) either vertically or horizontally. The jewels that get a perfect match disappear, creating room for more jewels to drop in. The player uses sliding gestures to replace the jewels that are adjacent to each other (though you cannot move them diagonally). If you have played a match-3 game in the past, then it might not take a lot of time to master. The gameplay is really addictive and is sure to occupy your leisure time. More after the break.

Jewels Pro Main Menu Jewels Pro Level Select

The main goal of the player is to fill the progress bar by earning game points (please note that every perfect match earns you points). It may seem simply, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, because each round contains a pirate ship, which continuously slides along the progress bar at the bottom of your screen. The ship is usually placed at the middle of the bar, when you fire up the game (though its position may vary when you move to succeeding levels). You’re given a limited amount of time before the ship travels all the way to the left. So how do you push it back to the right side? By earning game points as mentioned earlier. The more jewels you match, the faster the pirate ship is pushed back to the right, as you’re earning more points, which in turn also fills the progress bar in this process. Successfully dragging the ship to the extreme right completes the level. The game comprises a total of 50 levels, more than enough to keep you busy for a while. Its worth mentioning though that most of the levels seem the same, with the only thing seem changed is the difficulty level. There’s isn’t much to praise about the graphics,  as the overall  presentation is satisfactory, while the background music adds up a soothing and calm tone to the overall gameplay.

Jewels Pro Gameplay1 Jewels Pro Level Clear

You can grab the game for free from Google Play via the download link or QR code provided below.

chartDownload Jewels Pro!

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