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Join The Dark Side Of The Force With Darth Maul Me For Android

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you must be brimming with anticipation for the upcoming 3D variant of The Phantom Menace. For those of you who don’t yet know, Lucasfilm recently announced that a 3D version of Star Wars: Episode I will be hitting theaters around the globe on February 10, 2012. To promote the launch of the film, the production company has released an app for Android smartphones that is sure to keep you entertained till the film is finally released. It’s called Darth Maul Me, and is its name suggests, it turns photos of you or your friends into the saberstaff-wielding, crimson faced villain from Episode I. For details, screenshots and more from the dark side of the force, proceed past the break, you must.

Darth-Maul-Me-For-Android-(Star-Wars) Star-Wars-Darth-Maul-Me

Darth Maul Me has as amazing an interface as one would expect from an official Star Wars app. Slick transitions between screens and great sound effects take the “boring” out of the whole Darth Maul-izing process.

The app allows you to snap a new photo or import one from your local library. The selected/captured photo should, of course, be a front-face shot.

Reposition-face-outline Adjusting-face-outline Select-Darth-Maul-face

Once you’ve selected a photo, the app lets you zoom in and out, and rotate it to adjust the outline of the Darth Maul mask over the face within the picture, then lets you tweak the mask itself. After you’ve molded the mask to the edges of the face and adjusted the two ‘+’ icons over the pupils, tap the arrow in the bottom-right corner. Keep the bottom mask marker a little above the edge of the chin for the best results.

The app provides you with three different Darth Maul masks, the first being the original from the movie and my personal favorite. Tap the Darth Maul face at the bottom and the app displays an awesome animation of the mask appearing over the photo, followed by the result, which can then be saved to local storage and/or shared over Facebook.

Animated-Darth-Maul-Mask Result

The results don’t always come out looking perfect. For certain photos, you have to be very careful while adjusting the mask to get a respectable result. Though, needless to say, if you’re a fan, it’s all definitely worth the hassle. Besides, the app is absolutely free, after all.

We tested the app on the Galaxy Nexus, and found that while capturing a photo from within the app, the view from the front-facing appears upside down, and that photos picked imported from the gallery are automatically rotated 90 degrees. We had to use the native image editor to rotate photos 90 degrees in the opposite direction before loading them into the app. Hopefully, future updates will bring fixes for these issues, and maybe an improvement in the results.

Darth Maul Me requires Android 2.2 or higher to run. Download it to your phone from the Android Market link or QR code provided below.

Scan MeDownload Darth Maul Me


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