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JoinMe: Location-Based Interest Matching For Windows Phone 7 Users

It is fair to say that in the recent days, the focus of the Windows Phone 7 community has mostly been on Mango and it’s looming release. This, of course, has made the pre-Mango WP7 apps suffer. Almost all new apps rolling out these days are for Mango only. This might be justifiable but it must be remembered that for at least another month, most of the WP7 world is on Nodo (unless you took the time to follow our guide to update to Mango without a developer unlock). Mango (and Nokia) might change things, but for now, WP7 users are a rare breed and JoinMe tends to connect them based on the interests they share. And it doesn’t run just on Mango. The main concept behind the app is to let you find other users of the service who are near your current location. Not only will you be able to chat with these users, there is also the option to interact with the users you find in your locality.

JoinMeNear YouMap View

There are a lot of similar apps out there (for example I’m A WP7 for Windows Phone and ShoutFlow for iOS) but JoinMe does have its advantages. For starters, it is a free app and avoids all sorts of fuss. You don’t even need to sign up for an account to use JoinMe. Simply enter your name, age and gender along with your area of interest (sports, friendship, etc.) and you are good to go.

JoinMe uses your current location to find people near you running this app, but unlike “I’m A WP7”, it only suggests matches which are near you and also have the same interests as you. Even if you don’t find anyone near you, the maps section of the app is pretty neat. It pins down your current location with respect to all other users in your area. The app allows you to set the maximum distance for which suggestions would be sent to you.

That’s about it. A pretty simple app, but for free, not bad at all. We just hope that a lot more people will join the service pretty soon, as for now you are not likely to find anything useful on the JoinMe radar. Apart from that, a few users have complained of server issues as well, and those issue can make the app useless at times. So, if any of your neighbours have a WP7, do give this app a try.

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