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Jolicloud For iPhone & Android: All Your Social Media Photos, Links & Videos Under One Hood

Jolicloud is not a new name when it comes to cloud integration of data, as the web version of the service has been around for quite a while and has managed to gain considerable popularity among users. The idea behind Jolicloud is rather simple, albeit infinitely useful. This service lets you manage all your data and media content, from all your social network and other online accounts, by treating it as if it belonged to the same source. In Jolicloud, the content you shared on a particular date is displayed on the timeline, regardless of the source of the content. This means that a Facebook photo and a link from Twitter might appear next to each other if they were shared at the same time. The services that can be linked to your Jolicloud account include just about all the popular ones, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and many others, making Jolicloud a truly useful integrator for all the content that matters. Update: Jolicloud is now available on Android as well. We’ve added a link to its Google Play Store page at the end.

Jolicloud Home Jolicloud Feed

If you haven’t got a Jolicloud account already, it is possible to sign in using your Facebook account, but if you want a new account for the service, you will have to sign up through the web version of Jolicloud. In our experience, the iPhone app kept crashing each time we tried signing in via Facebook, but that could have been just our device acting strange (yet again). So, when you are done signing in, the app will take a while to integrate all your data from the linked accounts, and once that is done, the main feed of Jolicloud will show up. As discussed earlier, the content is displayed date-wise, and a badge in the upper right corner of each post indicates the original source. The content displayed by Jolicloud includes both links and media. The biggest advantage of Jolicloud lies in its Search feature, using which you can look for any item, regardless of the service you posted it to.

Jolicloud Collections Jolicloud Albums

If you want to organize your data even more than the app’s timeline, Jolicloud offers Collections. Collections are like albums, with the main difference that they include photos, videos and links. There are no default Collections, and you will have to create and name new ones as you go along. An item can belong to more than one collection, and you can make each collection private or public using the small lock icon in the top left corner. If you link up with your friends who are also on Jolicloud, you will be able to view their public collection, and may even follow an individual collection.

Jolicloud is a free app, like the service itself, and can prove to be a really useful addition to your iOS device.

Download Jolicloud for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Download Jolicloud for Android

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