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“Rate Everything” Social Networking App Jotly Released For Android

Jotly is a simple and fun way of snapping, sharing, rating and commenting on almost every facet of life from your smartphone. Whether it’s freshly baked pancakes, a glimpse of your new Galaxy Nexus, your new avatar, the scenery outside the window, or the routine traffic jam on the highway, just snap it, rank it and share it via Jotly to get instant feedback from users around the globe. Photos can be graded from A+ to F-. You can like, share, and comment on other users’ posts, and filter ‘Jots’ (photos shared on the network) by vicinity, time relevance, popularity or by your personal activities. Jotly’s iOS variant debuted in the iTunes App Store a few weeks ago whereas it has just been released to the Android Market.

Unlike its iOS counterpart, Jotly for Android currently does not support displaying Jots on map. Apart from that, both variants of the app are more or less the same. The best thing about the app is the swift response that a shared photo gets from users. Within just a couple of minutes of sharing, you’re almost certain to get some sort of feedback on your Jots. There is also a ranking system in place that helps you progress on a leaderboard depending upon your activities and influence on the network.


To join the fun, all you need to do is log in to the app using a valid Jotly account. New users can sign up for a free account form within the app. On the homescreen, all Recent Jots are displayed as individual tiles along with their ranks, titles, usernames of uploaders and the time of sharing. The icon at the top-left of the app’s homescreen lets you filter Jots by any of the aforementioned properties (vicinity, time relevance, popularity or personal activities). Tapping a tile displays an enlarged version of the attached photo, and loads all the likes and comments that it has received (if any). Apart from liking and commenting on a Jot, you can also share it on Facebook and/or Twitter.


Hit Menu to Search Jots by keywords, Refresh the app’s content, check the Leaderboard, or access the Settings screen. Apart from logging out of the app, you can use the settings screen to set your desired Display name and avatar.


Sharing your own Jot is simple too. Just hit the camera icon at the top-right side of the app’s homescreen and capture a fresh photo, or pick one from your device’s gallery. Next, add a brief description and relevant Hashtags for your Jot, select a rating for it, choose the network(s) to share it on, decide whether you wish to attach a location to the Jot or not, and hit the Submit.


Basically meant to provide you with a fun way to pass time, Jotly could be of great benefit to a vast variety of users including professional designers, innovators, fashion enthusiasts, artists and marketers.

Download Jotly for Android

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