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Jotly For iPhone: A Social Network Where You Rate & Review Everything

Recently, a new genre of apps for iOS has started to attract a considerable number of app developers. More and more apps focusing exclusively on rating items have started appearing in the App Store. Apps like Oink and Stamped, for instance, wherein you just see or use some thing, snap its photo, attach a rating to it and upload it to your social network. Jotly is another fine addition to this category. With Jotly, you can award a grade to any item of interest, and publish it to the app’s feed, allowing all other users to add their likes and comments to it. Mostly these sort of services exist for foods items or places, but Jotly is unique because it lets its users rate products, events, restaurants and just about any aspect of life you can possibly think of.

Jotly Jotly Feed

To start using the app, you need to first sign up for a Jotly account. All you have to do is to choose a username and password, and enter your email address. Once that is done, the app takes you to the Jotly feed. There are 3 ways of viewing said feed – you can sort it based on Nearby posts, view your own posts by setting the filter to Mine, or view all of the most Recent shared items. Alternatively, you may directly search for a particular object or place.

The ratings of each item are on a scale of A+ to F-. Each post in the feed displays a photo, a short description or review of the item within the photo, the username of whoever shared it and, of course, the grade that the user awarded to the item.

Jotly map Jotly Post

Jotly has a Map view for its feed too, which displays palcemarkers for each geotagged post. You can add comments to and share all posts by other users with your Facebook or Twitter contacts.

To add a review of your own, tap the Rate & Share button in the middle of the bottom bar. Jotly also has a touch of fun and competition added to it, as the more you rate, the more experience points you gain (pretty similar to the Mayor concept in Foursquare). Reviews by a user with a high number of experience points will have a greater credibility over those posted by others, making the reviews on Jotly even more credible.

Jotly could prove to be a really addictive app for many users, and being free, is certainly worth a try.

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